Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 8 – Golden Brown

*Hmm… Goldenish… /thinks… You know, all that glisters is not gold, Clicky…*

*Er… Knot me! Shakespeare… /sticks out tongue…*

So hear we are, Dear Reader, at the end of this wonderfully massive missive. Whilst formatting the remaining posts this afternoon, BIG NEWS was announced of in the World of Science…

Astronomers capture both a gravitational wave and optical imagery from the energetic union of two neutron stars in a distant galaxy.

“found something
sending you a screenshot.”



These messages, exchanged between astronomers on August 17 at the Las Campanas Observatory in northern Chile, are a breathless acknowledgement of a major new breakthrough in astronomy.

No doubt we’ll here more about that in due course. For now, enjoy the final part of Cade The Okie Devil from Text Us’s 85th Missive From ‘Merica. Dive In! ❤


Was re-watching some episodes of the TV mini-series of Hornblower earlier this morning and today. It got me to thinking about small events and/or events that are are classified as small.

That got me to thinking about significance. 

I guess it is what it is, to whoever it is or is not significant to. I know that typically, a paper towel is insignificant to me and prolly also insignificant to most people. However, if I get into one of my sneezing fits? Suddenly, a paper towel, it’s proximity to me, and my access to it, is quite significant.

^benny benassi feat. channing – come fly away^

If I had anything that was worth anything…SURELY I’d know it by now.

I’ll be 50 years old in 1 month and 1 day.

I better get my act together and my ass in gear before it’s too late.

I’ve only got 983 years, 1 month, and 1 day to do so.

Maybe I should expedite.

3000 C.E. is just around the corner.

^Greenskeepers – Money^

I wonder what I’ll do with my time once I fall into line and step with the accepted everything else?

I wonder what I’ll do with my time once I fall into line and step with the acceptable everyone else?

I wonder what any of that will mean to anyone once I move on?

I wonder if it should mean anything to anyone?

Lemme know how it all turns out...k?
^Gary Beck – Say What (Adam Beyer Remix) [SAVED RECORDS]^

Yeah…I think that most of the time I’m pretty good at measuring value and worth.

Cept when I'm not.

At that point, it is me that I caught.

I am my own best worst enemy.

We get along fine, me and me.

We disagree to agree.

But that’s just me.

^Digitalism – Blitz^
Penny for your thoughts.
^Crookers- My Penny^

X: You aren’t gonna leave me out are you?

Cade: I hadn’t planned on it.

0: But you also hadn’t planned on including us in…had you?

Cade: Why…now that you mention it…no…no I had not 😛

Z: That is unwise. It is unwise…to non-include the included.

Cade: WTF?!?!? Is that even possible?

A: Possibly.

Cade: …

T: I think he’s lost it.

Cade: OK…I’ve quasi-regained my composure here…

X: I doubt that, but we’re listening…

Cade: HOW…in the FUCK…do you “non-include the included”?

X: Figure it out?

Cade: Wait. I was told to NOT figure that out.

B: Sounds to me as if you already had it figured out.

G: Agree.

0: Concur.

A: Agree.

X: Yep.

Z: Me too.


Cade: /me raises hand

X: Don’t muddy the waters smart guy.

Cade: Hey…it never hurts to try.

Z: We’ve already included you in the non-included. Therefore, you get no vote.

Cade: Can I at least have a notation that I attempted to vote?

0: Yes. Noted. It has been noted that you tried to vote in a matter in which you were not allowed to vote.

Cade: Great.

X: Not according to what it says here.

Cade: I was being sarcastic.

X: Oh. Will someone make a note of that?

0: Unnecessary, unwarranted and unwanted sarcasm = Noted.

T: Anything else smart guy?

Cade: Are you talking to…me?

T: No…we were talking amongst ourselves within earshot of you.

Cade: lolz…awesome. Anything else?

0: That will be all for now. Thank you.

Cade: Thank you.

Z: What about the rest of us.

Cade: Much and many thanks to all, and to all a good night.

X: /waves

^Trentemoller – Moan (Trentemoller Remix) . HQ^


Tis now 01:01 on Sunday morning.

October 15th of 2017 already.


I think I shall cease here.

Wherever that is…

Wherever that is…

Until then.

^Wilkinson – Afterglow^

cYa | cFa

^Sharkwater’s Ending^


*That was fun, Clicky… /lights up and smokes… I’ll do the ironing after this… /drags…*

Dear Reader… Have a Song 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 7 – Needles and Pins

*Hmm… So you went with green this time, Clicky? …/nods… Fitting…*

Thoughtful Man just called to tell me that Irish comedian Sean Hughes has died

*Aww… 51 is no age, Clicky…*

… I thought I’d just throw that peace of breaking news into this shamble, the seventh installment of the current Cade missive…

…And here it is, below. Enjoy! ❤



Let’s checks the scales.

Dry Skin

“Skin represents our barrier against the environment and it consists in three layers.”

Against. Or is it the wording of “Barrier + Against” that makes that sound so…conflicting. Conflicted? Combative? I mean, who knew there was such a thing as “The American Skin Association”? I sure as shit didn’t. Or am I too hung up on associations and my associational abilities are not functioning properly? I’m not known for being proper nor doing proper properly.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

Since when did distinction or distinctions become cause for further disassociation. Loss of humanity? Subtraction? Detraction? “First, do no harm” kinda loses all of its meaning, eh? Loses all of its bite? Loses all of its sting? Someone worked up a vaccine or body armor against bites and/or stings? Harm to heal? I dunno. How absurd is it to teach someone to count with their toes?





Someone taking the time, to teach someone, how to count…with…their…toes.

I can easily relate because my feet are pretty much just dead clubs at the end of numb legs, and my toes barely even function. So thinking of someone taking the time, to do something so remedial yet gentle, as to point out how to sequentially count, with my toes, my trying to move certain toes, in certain sequences…how fucking lowly and unimportant and elementary and condescending is that?

The fact that someone took the time to do it at all fucking floored me personally. Nevermind the fact that they had already spent God only knows how long developing this method of detecting and/or facilitating motion within the toes, for someone who has no movement or control of their toes.

So, let’s turn the lofty loft, upside down, and see what shakes out. Is there anything up there of value that make it worth the effort?

Only you lofty fucks that lives there can answer this.
^Tycho – A Walk^

To relate further, I watched a documentary on the rock band Megadeth a few weeks ago. The guitar player/singer/founder of this band, Dave Mustaine, broke his hand, and was told by the doctors that he would never play guitar again. Mustaine talked about his rehabilitation, the things that he tried, and the lengths he went through, to regain his ability to play guitar.

One of the things that he mentioned, was picking up needles one by one using a pair of tweezers, then pushing these pins into a board. I immediately cringed at this idea, because my hands and arms shake something fierce when I have to do finite tasks like that or similar. But the thought of him spending hours picking up these needles using only a pair of tweezers, then pushing the pins into a board?

Yeah, inspiring stuff…

it's everywhere.
^Son Lux – Easy^

Are you shocked when something unexpected happens? Yeah…me too. And in thinking about the nonsense from the previous whatever turned Missive, in not that I necessarily don’t know. What I don’t know, is how to explain what I am seeing. I don’t know who I am tailoring this for, but I can certainly think of some reasons as to why something may be needed.

I’m flying blind. Yeah, there are lights of a more relatable type here and there that keep me going. But it’s difficult to explain how I can see just fine without the lights that others choose to use to light their paths. I can see just fine thanks. OK, so, I wear glasses. But the shit I see in my mind, spirit, being or whatever…

is pretty clear.
^DVBBS & VINAI – Raveology (Official Video)^

I was digging through some of my playlists on YouTube looking for a certain song, but I could not find it.

I guess it's been deleted. 

As I cruised through my playlists, and noticed that there are a fuckton of videos that have been deleted/removed completely. Many more have copyright claims and cannot be played. It’s rare that I dig for a particular song, but sometimes I do. Letting YouTube pick the songs for me via random playlists allows me to stumble across a bunch of shit that I would not have every heard otherwise.

But what is odd, is that I stumbled across the band “Lightning Seeds” and their song “Pure” from quite a ways back. Odd that I recently stumbled across this song again, and was quite convinced that I had completely forgotten about the band Lightning Seeds.

Q: I wonder if I did that on the previous time that I stumbled across this song?

A: Prolly. And prolly also self-conditioning of the worst type.

I’m such a bad person.

^DARE [Soulwax Remix] — Gorillaz^

Anyway, what I was thinking about, was how far we need to stretch a line to get it to start bending.

Q: Isn’t stretching bending?

A: ?¿?

But my intent here is to bend without stretching. As a matter of fact, what I am seeing in my head, is a model for a method of bending a straight line with no discernible motion at all, save for the bending of this line. But that’s what models do ain’t it? Do something without really doing anything?

Welp, I’m thinking about the time(s) and pressure(s) involved in bending a straight line, irrespective of what this line is made of, without generating heat, nor friction, nor any discernible nor measurable phenomena of any kind, save for the bending of this line. I guess what I am seeing in my head, is the basis of how vacuums are formed. Like…the base of a vacuum, yet no vacuum will exist. The temporary nature of this vacuum will be so non-existent, that it will in fact, never exist. Not locally anyway. So yeah…

this is gonna be a different kind of crunch.
^400 Lux – Lorde (Lyric Video)^

I’ve got, and have had, loads and loads of inspirations in my life. Lots of teachers that have taught me much. That makes the quest or a quest for originality kind of a lost cause. Nothing wrong with lost causes tho. I mean fuck…the shit is lost. What better way to find originality, eh?

Just trying to think positive. 

I’m not positive that I am thinking in a positive manner thanks to those negativistic asshats that keep telling me I’m being positive, or not being positive enough. They don’t seem too sure. I’m not too sure about that, but I’m sure that I’m positive and/or I’m trying to be positive.

^Napoleon Dynamite Song^


*Nearly done, Clicky… /rubs eyes… *

Good news, Dear Reader. It turns out this is the penultimate installment of this missive from my good friend Cade, The Okie Devil from Text Us. Stand by for numbero ocho… Have a Song 😉

Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 5 – Sideways

Happy Having-A-Day-Off-From-Work Monday to you, Dear Reader…

*And to you too, Clicky… /looks about… Where’s the link?*

*Thanks! …/pats snout…*

… We’re having a lovely sunny day in Southend. Thoughtful Man read on the news that it’s because of the bad weather in the West – we’re sucking in the good stuff here in the East…

*Or sumthing like that anyway…*

Sew… continuing on from yesterday, Part 5 of The Okie Devil’s weekend missive follows. As received, it was 10 pages of text. Whether turns out as ten posts, well, time will tell…

Enjoy! ❤


For reasons unknown, whatshername just stuck her head in the door, and asked me if I had heard about the weather.

Whatshername: Have you heard about the weather?

Cade: Um…no, I have not.

I’m sure that a confused and/or perplexed look crossed my face. I may even have shook my head slightly in stunned disbelief at what I was hearing and why.

Whatshername: The weather is gonna drop tomorrow, and it is only supposed to have a high of 68°F, and it’s supposed to rain all day.

Cade: OK…noted. The weather is gonna drop tomorrow. Thanks?



I’ve no idea why she popped in and told me that. I’ve told her nothing about my plans.

It’s currently 19:02 on Saturday evening October 14th, temperature is currently 87°F, and current weather conditions are “not a goddamn cloud in the sky”. I guess that’s about to change.



Checked the weather, and it shows no rain forecast. Tomorrow high of 72°F, with a low of 49°F.

^Pretty Lights – Finally Moving^

Other than being a respiration test-subject during random grizzly bear encounters, what do I have to offer? Welp…I took some stock earlier in the week, and found that my achievements are quite limited in the “certified as certificated” departments. “Severely lacking” in just about any and every department. Physical, mental, spiritual, academical, you name it…I’m missing it all.

But that does get me to thinking about teaching and learning a bit, and especially teaching. If someone has a “defect” in say…writing ability as it pertains to grammar and spelling…did you not just compound their “problems” by pointing this defect out? Your standards came from somewhere…right? Chances are good, that these standards are as much based on ability as they are inability…correct?

So…if you have so honed these tools, that they are purposed to divide from and NOT to make a space for, is it any really wonder where the failure starts? Perhaps even where it started?

I can’t think of a single teacher that I’ve ever had in a public setting, who were so bound by the shackles of regulation, that they all seemed like whipped dogs trying to perform tricks in order to make their masters happy. That’s why I personally do not make any dogs “beg” for my affections of any kind. I enjoy their companionship, and the companionship is its own reward, within the scope of an almost invisible reward system.

I mean, it’s there…but most people don’t like to look at things that way. They feel that it’s non-empowering or degrading. I like to think of it as acceptance. Acceptance of the obvious. I choose to be in this animal’s life, not vice-versa. I think that’s maybe where “pet” has gotten us a little sideways in some areas. But that’s just me and my thinking.

You're free to do whatever you want.


*I love a day off work, me… *

Be sure you join us for the sixth installment of Cade’s missive, Dear Reader… And have a Song 😉

Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 4 – Unthought Known

*Hmm… Pretty, Clicky…*

*/sucks teeth… Well it’s more colourful than the brown…*

So this week, Dear Reader, I have been revisiting John Lamb Lash’s ‘Sophia’s Correction’, having not really paid much attention to it for a while. He’s made a series of 64 in-depth videos since October of 2016 and I’ve listened to a few of those, and posted some up in comments over on MEROVEE and Blade & Chalice

The fourth part of this latest missive from The Okie Devil of Textus, a.k.a. Cade, concerns one of those videos. You’ll find a link to it below. Enjoy! ❤


It was recently recommened to me that I watch a video. Last night, I finally broke down and did so. I did not actually watch the video, and I assume that it was all talking anyway, but yeah…I laid in bed last night and listened to it in the dark.

It wasn’t very far into the video/audio, that it became clear that there were some very familiar things being talked about. Many familiar concepts, masked by foreign names, labels, titles, etc.. As I continued to listen, I was struck by the fact that the ONLY thing and things that were unfamiliar, were these names and titles. Everything else tho? Familiar…very familiar…known.

The more that was discussed, the more I felt…

“Hey, I know that. I don’t know the name, but I know that process or concept or whatever.”

I eventually started to doze a bit, and this hazy non-sleep was broken only by a sudden silence. I roused suddenly, thinking that the video was over, but then they started talking again, and I was soon dozing once again as I pondered what was being said. I could only think….

“So…is this what it is like to hear someone talk about something that you already know? Something from a new source, and they are using unfamiliar nomenclatures and making personal annotations about familiar things, and about the only thing that is interesting about what I am hearing is these new additions?”

In my case, no. I spent most of the time wondering…

“How do I know this?”

There was nothing really familiar about any of this at all, yet somehow, I know it.

 How is that possible?

Let’s take the scientific road, eh?

^Blackmill Feat. Veela – Let It Be (Full Version)^

Much of what was being said, was like drawing over the top of much of what is in my head with respect to connections to what we tend to term as ‘science’ and/or ‘scientific’. Like someone drawing over the top of something I’ve already drawn.

That said, there are MANY religious types of connections and pathways in this same thinking. As I think about it now, all I can think about really…is spirit. Not spiritual, spirit. The ability to experience and choose. Not science, and not religion, but both and neither, all dependent upon what I choose and where, and not solely based upon right or wrong. Choice based on the ability to choose. Master of The Option…if you will.

I reserve the right to choose.

If science is wrong, and religion is right – I reserve the right to choose.

If religion is wrong, and science is right – I reserve the right to choose.

Up to, and including, choosing not to choose.

You yourself are allowed and afforded the opportunity to be comfortable in your own skin, yeah?

Me too.
^Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra feat. Nino Mochella – Kiss The Sky^

I’ve wrestled with this concept quite a bit over the span of my lifetime.

Q: What value has originality?

A: ?

Should that answer seem self-evident? Well, how do you “study the masters” and become your own in the process? The concept of “The Ronin” is very real, therefore, it must be necessary. Afterall, all masters themselves learned from somewhere…right? That means that even a rogue must have some purpose in this “larger scheme of things” that is always bandied about.

Hell, if nothing else, it gives you elevated fucks someone to kick. Your lofty goals and ambitions ain’t worth a flying fuck without practical representations and practical demonstrations as to their relevance and necessity. That’ll have the effect of giving you a gem of gems with respect to “the big question”…

Q: Why?

A: There's your answer.

Carry on Oh Ye Elevated Ones of the Grandest and Most Highest of High on DMT.

Or whatever.

I mean…if The Master wants nor needs no master, why is it such a stretch to think that The Ronin might also need no master?

Lots to think about there.

^George Benson – Give Me The Night^


*Time to call it a night I think, Clicky… /yawns and stretches…*

I have a day off work tomorrow, Dear Reader, so please doo come back then for the next installment of Cade’s awesome missive… And have a Song 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 3 – Breathe…

*Hmm… Looking kinda brown there, Clicky…*

*/rolls eyes…*

Ironing and washing up chores are now done for the day, Dear Reader. Thoughtful Man is home from work and I’ve ordered grub from HKK. So let’s see if I can post part three of Cade’s ten page missive before dinner arrives. They’re usually pretty fast…

Enjoy! ❤


I’m currently stuck at the same place I’ve been stuck at for a while. And that is…

‘what do I have to offer at all, let alone anything I might have to offer someone else?’


So where that leads me to, is…

‘Why throw wrenches into the works?’

I sure as shit don’t want that, and if I cannot complete this process of getting this shit out of my head in a constructive way, that’s exactly what I see myself as doing.

Causing confusion and dismay. 

Something to consider tho, is that I’m not try to create order either. Order is just as chaotic as anything else. As such, I’ve let others lead me as much as possible.

 Listen to what they have to say. 

There is no why in allowing others to lead you. To me anyway, the fact that someone is willing to help me and/or pass things along, tells me, that “why” will be answered for me at some point, and the fact that they ARE helping me I consider to be grace via graciousness.

^The Supermen Lovers (feat. Mani Hoffman) – Starlight (Official Video)^

I sometimes get accused of “reading into things that are not there”. Have you considered your own intentions? Have you even considered your intentions? The possibility of unintended effects? I’m not talking “subconscious” types of bullshit here. If your intention is to help with “A”, that means that there is an “X”…which means there is a “B”. You’ll need to evaluate your own path to see where you have merged into traffic, but there is a nested nature to everything. That’s just my own opinion, I just don’t personally see these static holograms and these holographic types of thinking as being anything static.

EX1: Is a bridge static? When you walk across a bridge or drive a vehicle over a bridge, is the bridge still static? Does the bridge accommodate the change, changes and changing? Sure it does. Irrespective of whether this is to bend, or not to bend, and when and where and under what circumstances, all is movement.

The problem and problems, as I see it, is this “finite nature” that we have become so bedazzled with. It doesn’t allow for change where change is necessary. Like something so absurd as someone being told…


…based on some static acceptable/approved respiratory rate that is based on average and averages. Context loses all meaning, or at least, it occurs to me that it certainly can.

EX2: What is the “average” respiratory rate of someone having a sudden chance encounter with a Grizzly Bear?

Or…have you not amassed enough data for an accurate accounting? What’s your base for attaining an acceptable level of accuracy?

Are you needing volunteers for your “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BEAR KIND” research? If so, I’m available.

Are you needing volunteers for your “CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE BARE KIND” research? If so, I’m also possibly/probably available for that.


Just sayin’.

I can understand your reservations.

I’m hairy.

^Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz – Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) (Official)^

For the record…I would think that the respiratory rate of someone having a sudden chance encounter with a grizzly bear would most likely be…


That said, we don’t need Grizzly Bears in our life in order to have measurable stress and stresses…do we? We’ve all kinds of stress and stresses and stressors. What seems to be lacking…is relief. Certainly lacking in relief from those who wish take relieve us of our relievers and their relief(s).

^Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)^


*Still aways to go, Clicky… /burps…*

Dinner arrived before I could finish up this third installment, so I’m feeling kinda stuffed right now, Dear Reader… Until Part Four… Have a Song 😉

Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 2 – Eyes Straight Ahead

*Hmm… Quite artistic, Clicky…*



*Alright! Suit yourself!*

So then, Dear Reader, the second part of Cade’s latest ten page massive missive is now ready for your perusal…

Enjoy! ❤




helloooooo there.

That’s prolly how I look when me and my goofy-self is going about my goofy life, doing the goofy shit that I do, in the goofy way in which I do it…

when suddenly…


Oh my.

I only get goofier from there. I mean, not that I take notes on my goofiness and goofy experiences or anything, but I can imagine…yeah…I prolly look something like that when a woman catches my eye.

I’m like….


I guess I’ve been out of that mode for so long, that I forgot it even existed. Not entirely true, but I devised a method of overcoming wandering eyes when I was in a committed relationship. My method was/is not entirely different from this Buddhist method of dealing with unforeseens, where they teach you to “Acknowledge…then push aside.” My method, was/is…

“Woah…she’s hot…but, oh yeah, I’m married.”

Not “Yeah she’s hot, but I got better”…because that kind of comparative thinking, to me anyway, is destructive. You start to make demands via comparison that are impossible for someone else to achieve. I’m sure, that whoever she is, yeah, she’s prolly a great person. But I don’t know her, and I certainly don’t know a single dynamic about “me + her” and how that would work…so why dwell on shit like that?

If you are unhappy, why make someone else suffer too? Break it off, go elsewhere, and find what it is you seek. Whoever you are with doesn’t have it, so why make them carry that and those burden(s)? It’s your problem after all. It certainly seems to have started there anyway. Food for thought.

^Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]^

I never regretted being married. Still don’t. I’ve no idea what that would or should change.

I don’t regret “not being able” to have loads of freaky sex with a bunch of different women. I had loads of freaky sex with one particular woman, and there was a hell of a lot more than that. Trying to find something to be angry or bitter or sour about, yeah, there’s a fuckton of that shit too, but I was angry, bitter and sour about it then, so why wouldn’t I be angry, bitter and sour about it now?

I don’t want to “get over” this shit. That’s my toolbox. My tools. How I learn. How I grow. There’s fucktons of shit in the toolbox…

from good…

to bad…

to indifferent…

to whatthefuckever. 

Like a “junk-drawer” in your house. Shit that has no other place due to its specificity and uniqueness, but you certainly can’t throw this shit away. Hence, the junk drawer. Miscellany drawer. Whatever. We all have one. Some have many. But they are always a joy to go through. Especially when looking for that special something, that you cannot remember what it is, but you remember where it is.

/me shrugs
^Meat Beat Manifesto – Prime Audio Soup^

I was just reading CFrank Davis’ latest, and I’ve not read CFrank’s shit in a while. But he raises some interesting points about destinations. Destinations mean pathways. Pathways mean origins. Origins means originators. Originators means followers.

WHEW!!! We covered some ground there, eh? I wonder how we did that? Oh well…it’s unimportant. Our path is laid out before us, and all we need do now…is blaze it.


Q: Can you imagine a 10 year old kid reading this bullshit of mine?

A: I can't. But yeah...I can.

At 10 years old, I had been being taught by some of the finest adults that I knew, and they had been teaching me for right at 10 years straight. No breaks, no vacations, and even breaks for vacation were learning experiences laced with requirements and expectations. So yeah…by 10 years old, I was already quite adept to life on Earth/Terra.

I mean, fuckin-a … comparatively … spending 10 years in college means you’ve prolly got a doctorate by now, and have chalked up some impressive post-graduate degrees. But we don’t think in those terms…do we? We need paper. We need papers. We need proof. Acceptable proof.


Q: Since when were my parents and relatives and neighbors, their teachings, and their experiences…non-acceptable or not acceptable?

A: ?!¿!?

Must be a “class war” kinda thing or something.

^Röyksopp & Robyn “Monument” (Music Video)^


I have ironing and washing up to doo now, Dear Reader, on this Sunday afternoon…

*Yeah, something like, Clicky…*

…The third installment of the 85th ‘somethingWhoTFcares’ missive from the Text Us Okie Devil will be along later. In the meantime… Have a Song 😉


Missive From ‘Merica: No.85 Part 1 – Poetry in Motion

Dear Reader, The Okie Devil of Text Us has sent through another missive – the 85th – and at 10 pages, it is his longest yet…

… Fortunately I have time at my disposal today and tomorrow, so I shall split it…

*Ha! That’s right, Clicky… “Size of an elephant!”…*

… And the first part is reproduced for your enjoyment, below… ❤


I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Acerbic dreams of wafting arrows

Where did their arcing flights end?

Embedded in tissues, bones and their marrows

We interrupt this system for an important bulletin…

Pull the arrow out, put a bullet in

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Acerbic dreams of wafting arrows

Where did their arcing flights end?

Before they’ve even started

Their arcing points, and points of origin?

Replaced by tools that kill before the killing can begin

Just like the rest

No better, no best

Just ends, just endings

No wicked, no rest


I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

The number this is…

Is which number is this

Fret not dear Limeys…

I’m not taking the piss

A-T-5 or 8-E-5 or Ate Tea Fyve

Or whatever, or whatever, and all that jive

Still here, still alive

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

One of many, just like the others

Freshly squeezed from something brewed

Under now kicked off covers.

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

The structure has crumbled

Has fallen, and falls

Was its source from where stumbled?

Or where ham-handed footing landed?

Wounds salted and sanded

“Perhaps humbled?”…the Earth grumbled.

“Your knee hurt my face, when you landed in that place!”

…says she to me.

I have awoken from a recent slumber

My first instinct?

To bang out this number

Apologies and with love…


A Snappling, Crackling, Popping, Cranky, Clanky, Tumbler In The Wheel Of Time
^Groove Armada – At The River^


Doo come back later for more of Cade’s latest missive, Dear Reader and… Have a Song… 😉