Missive From ‘Merica: All Aboard The Prolly Trolley

This may very well be the last missive from my friend Cade, The Okie Devil, for a while… He’s about to embark on a journey West, then North, on foot…

travelling on foot.gif

*Oh gawd! I bloody hope he’s got some shoes, Clicky…*

Clicky and I wish him well, as I’m sure you do too, Dear Reader…

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Let’s say that you are 50 years old.

O wait…


Let’s say that you are 50 years old, 50 years ago.

No wait…that’s not right.

What is today’s date?

^Loko – Rollercoaster (Original Mix)^

I was just scratching a lump of gooey dirt off of my arm, and got to think about changes in environment and environments over time over times over time.


Over Time = 50 Years

Over Times = Times within that 50 years.

Over Time = Sum of the two PLUS the individual components, all at the same time, over different times within that time.


50 years = 0 - 50 years = A -> B

"->" = X (times)

A = 0

B = 50

X = (A -> B) + (A + B) + X = X + Y -> Z

X is going to “waffle” between X & 0, as we use “Y” as a placeholder that is representative of the transitional state between X & Z.

X is where we get our crazy notion to “take stock and evaluate” up to the current time, and Y & Z are gonna help us get there by also being backwards iterations of B <- A

None of that makes sense I’m sure. So…I’ll shutup.

Maybe if you think of X and 0 together as our “bullseye” or “X marks the spot”, that’ll help us decide when we decided to make a decision.

EX: You blunder through life, wonder what the fuck you are gonna do…then…suddenly…“I’M GONNA DO THIS!!!”

X via 0

0 = fuzzy logic type of not knowing what to do, but knowing something needs to be done. X is our milestone that coalesces into “AH-HA!”…which gives us “A” starting point via X via 0.

We already knew we needed to do something…”X” = the unknown known.

0 helps us figure that out, by guiding us in a less “direct approach”…kinda like a light that is not so overwhelming.

^Kelis – Bossy (Crookers Remix)^

I guess I’m stumbling around a lot of shit that others have already figured out. But having some thoughts about Pi and it’s application within a 5 dimensional environment, I still think that leaving Pi out of “it’s application/applicability” in a 3-dimensional environment while in motion? Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to understand the “non-repeating decimal portion”…because time is left out.

EX: 3 = 1, . = 0, 1 = 1 = 2, 4 = 1 = IIII = 5.

Add decimals between each of these, 3.1.4, where 3 = 1 = “our circle”, and maybe it’ll be easier to understand when and where this “non-repeating decimal” not only repeats, but does so backwards and catches up to us on the other side of our circle as we draw it.

I mean, there are gonna be all kinds of other shapes that we are going to make both inside and outside of that circle to measure it’s perfection, plus the diameter and radius of the circle we draw itself. So why would there NOT need to be “a missing dimension” that needs to exist in order for use to draw/make our circle?

I would say that the missing dimension itself is something that cannot be described until it has ceased to exist, once our circle is complete. It begins as we start to make our circle, and has already ended wherever that “circle creation process” stops. I think this may be what helps the dumb among the brainiacs, explain and/or understand the creation process itself, as to “when the creation action(s) actually began.” That etheral blankness of gears turning to achieve something, that closes as it opens at the moment that we begin something, we just don’t know what that is until after-the fact.

Start to include the minutae of the negligible, and we’ll prolly better understand how nothing is ever negligible. However, including them for exclusion, is creating an entirely NEW set of negligible, that cannot be accounted for until/if/when encountered. This leads me to believe, that if something is capable of being included for exclusion within this embedded set of sets, you will able to exclude it successfully. However, you prolly need to keep in mind, time and times with respect to iterations.

Monday, Exclusion = Success
Tuesday, Exclusion = Success
Wednesday Exclusion = Failure

Q: What changed?

A: Everything.
^The Crystal Method – Name of the Game (Hybrid’s Blackout in LA Mix)^

So if we have us a street, that was designed and built to last for 50 years, what was excluded?

My thought would be, the 50 years themselves, since those are completely unknown.

If the street starts to fail at 5 years, what was omitted?

If the street is still motherfucking PERFECT at 50 years, and it is decided that this street can prolly last for another 50 years, what has been excluded?

If the street starts to fail at 99 years, what was omitted?

Prolly the motherfuckers that are gonna have to fix it.

Not saying that you won’t still be designing and maintaining streets at the age of 140, but let’s assume that you aren’t.

Yeah…prolly a “welcome to hedging” is applicable here.

^Yello – To The Sea (1997) [HD 1080p]^

I dunno. Maybe this kind of thinking does more harm than good. I’ve just tangled with this thought of “evil traveling in straight lines” concept so much, that’s difficult to describe how I have “tangled with it.” That’s a summation, but so is the origin of the summation itself. It’s applicability within my own life, and how it applies to me, is paramount in such a fuzzy way, that it’s almost as vague as the source that brought it to my attention in the first place.

Almost an egotistical urging from The Universe, that’s “give the kid a ruler, and watch what he does with it.” Meaning, he’ll prolly use it from everything from an imaginary helicopter blade balanced atop a pencil, to a makeshift baseball bat for rocks, but will never use it correctly with respect to its intended purpose. So…”the right tool for the right job” analogy, goes right out the fucking window with respect to necessity and/or need.

All kinds of ways to leverage a lever.

Just don’t pull that metal strip off of the wooden ruler. The metal will curl, and the ruler will warp.

Prolly some other symbolism in there, but that ain’t my bag…so…yeah….whatever.

^Blood Moon ~ Dhruva Aliman^

So if 3.14 becomes 3.1.4 becomes 1.1.1, becomes 10101…erm…now what do we have?

Meh...I dunno either.

Let’s talk about something else.

Pro Tip: Dirt is filthy.

^Crystal Castles – Crimewave^

Reposted some more shit over at “my blog”…and even tho I haven’t been re-reading much of it over the last few weeks, it’s been kinda funny to read the apprehension of my writing during that particular phase of “this divorce whatever” that is now final-ish. Lotta talking to myself, as if I’m whispering to The Universe as to what in the fuck I am going to do, and The Universe kinda whispering back a bunch of jumbled nonsense that equates to little more than “hang in there”…and now seeing myself in pretty much the same boat now almost a year later.

But that’s no real surprise to me, because I’m always in the same boat. It’s just that sometimes the conditions around me change, and sometimes not so much. Sometimes I am the master facilitator of these changes, and sometimes not so much. But it’s always the same ship. It’s always the same path. Paths change, perspectives change, times change, time changes…and sometimes…not so much.

Not that I think that “time” can be figured out in the way(s) that some seem to chase it, but I have to keep even that thought in perspective. I’m only one person afterall, on a big-assed planet in the middle-ish type region of a big-assed Universe. Someone figured time out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this, and you wouldn’t be reading it. So…yeah…Intelligent Design/Destiny and Evolution/Chaos coexisting in the same system and systems, just not always in the same place nor in the same place at the same time.

If you are on the outside of a dust-devil, where is the chaos?
If you are on the inside of a dust-devil, where is the chaos?

Q: Where would you rather be, and when?

A: Me too.


^Front 242 – Break Me (Female)^

Been digging in the closet of doom today, trying to find some cables for some musical equipment I am giving to my sons. I’m not going to mention the boxes that I had previously packed and sealed, and seems that someone has opened them, because I can’t accurately remember if I for some reason re-opened these boxes that I purposefully sealed and marked as being “MY SHIT THAT IS READY TO GO” or anything like that.

But I digress.

Anyway, found a few cables, but not the two that I am looking for.

Go figure.

^Finitribe – 101 (Intensity Mix)^

Headed towards/to San Diego, and gonna work my way north from there looking for work. Others do it, so…so can I. I figure that there’s gonna be odd jobs that I might be able to do here and there, and hopefully will be able to eventually be able to scrape together enough money to get an apartment and get back on my feet….whatever that means.

I figured that my hands and legs would have completely failed me by now, nevermind my back and the constant worry about “making that one wrong move” that makes me immobile and worthless for months at a time. But I figure that humans have been creeping around this planet for a very long time, and we somehow got here to where we are thanks to these dumb drooling cretins, Luddites and Neanderthals…so…so can I.

I just hope that I don’t become a vagrant or drifter or some other kind of loser. That kinda shit really stands out on your permanent record. Makes it difficult to find work.

^Cabaret Voltaire – Alright^

Digging through these boxes has reminded me that I don’t have much, and what I do have is broken and shitty according to most standards, up to, and including, my own. (lolz) But this big-assed box of power adapters that I have that weighs about 35 metric WHATtheFUCKTONS…kinda made me wonder why in the fuck I keep all this shit for.

And the answer is simple…someone is gonna need it somewhere at some point in time…so…don’t ’86 it. Keep it. You may never use it, but you’ll sure as shit know if you need it and no longer have it. But I’ve always been big on dumpster diving, and not being afraid to look at someone else’s garbage as something potentially useful. Even if it’s something that I personally cannot use, I may know of someone that can.

Ain’t gonna do no one no good sitting in a landfill. Cept for maybe future archaeologists who are gonna prolly wonder something like…“HOLY SHIT!!! IF THEY THREW ALL OF THIS SHIT AWAY…WHAT IN THE FUCK DID THEY KEEP?!?!?!?”


I wonder if they’ll solve the mystery?

^Saint Etienne – Who do you think you are^

I’ve decided not to take that tent. Less to carry, and I have no idea where in the fuck I would put it anyway. Camping sites cost money, and do not cater to the homeless. While digging through these boxes, I did find a bag of change I had been saving…so…BONUS!!! At least I’ll have a little pocket money.

So much for hitting the door with only $0.01.


See ya’ll around when and if I do.

^Crookers- My Penny^

Now that we have our 50 year span of time…

A = Year Zero
B = Year 50

Now we need to find “X.”

X = Q: What are the differences between fiberglass airfilters for home airconditioners/heating units, between the years of 1967 and 2017?

A: 0

Wait…What? There have been NO changes in fiberglass airfilters over the span of 50 years?

Welp, I would imagine there have been many changes in those flimsy, nasty-assed things. However, Zero(0) is going to represent our base, of those inestimable variations in manufacturing and use/usage over that span of time…that will lead us to 100% of our answer.

Q: Who are we forgetting “right off the bat” here?

A: Patient Zero.

Afterall, Patient Zero is the entire reason that we are chasing this whatever it is that we are chasing, and we want Patient Zero to be the ONLY patient.

Patient Zero is also Patient One. Soooo…we don’t want no Patient Two.

Maybe patience is the order of the day.

I like them apples myself.

^Planet Jazz- Monster ??!^

In order to better understand this fiberglass that is of concern, we prolly outta think about insulation in houses/housing, since we wouldn’t have an air-conditioner/central heating in a house that was not insulated.

So…we are gonna have two basic types…rolled, and blown. Prolly both in any given house, and prolly both in the attics of these houses, with rolled of various types/thicknesses within the walls themselves. So now we need to think about walls in housing, and how they have changed over the years with respect to load bearing walls vs decorative/supporting walls, and the distance between studs in these walls as the price of materials and labor has increased/decreased over the years. Wall Studs may be 12″ apart, but more likely 16″-18″ and sometimes farther, depending on whether they are “inside walls” or “outside walls.”

So now we gotta think about these inside/outside walls more along the lines of “outside walls in garages” and such, and if these have little to no insulation at all at the time that the house is originally built, and/or is more added/replaced at a later time. Walls do breathe as the temperature changes, nevermind the stresses of the walls themselves along wth the structures that they support/augment.

Yeah…I recall some encounters with fiberglass in my youth.

Its the ones that I couldn’t see that I’m kinda thinking about now, and how these encounters relate to each other.

Just…don’t have anything better to do with my time.

^Medina ft. Lissie – Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix) – Rare unreleased^

If particulate matter is unimportant and/or negligible…explain “clean rooms.”

If you had to put a child together by hand, would you do so in a “non-clean room?”

I mean, we got here yeah? Irrespective of these jibes about smells, and nastiness, and filth, and on and on, with respect to how we as human “procreate”…we seem to have a shitload of fun doing it…so whats up with all the filth bullshit?

I digress.

Now that we’ve got our custom designed baby, special designed, built, and hand delivered in our clean sterile environments…

Q: Where to now?

A: <gulp>

Yeah…not like that child is a human or anything, that is gonna hopefully grow up healthy and strong with the perfect build, perfect eyes, perfect hair, perfect IQ, and perfect everything else…ready to take on this imperfect world that you’ve created.

I guess the streams kinda crossed there a few times.

^BSOD (Steve Duda), Deadmau5 – Monochrome^

It just seems to me, that if you want the perfect you, what is gonna replace you?

You are the one to do that via you. Not via someone else. It seems that you are including everyone and everything else as something that is …erm…replaceable. Deprecation just needing someone to come along and omit its ass, and that someone is you. And don’t even BEGIN to think that I haven’t thought about this shit…because I haven’t. BUT! I’m planning to get around to it.

^The Subs – Mitsubitchi (Original)^

Yesterday, I was out meandering in the backyard and thinking about ants. What came to mind was that I have not seen the larger large abdomened ants around this area in years. Not like ants and other pests and pestilences are high on our hitlists or anything, but yeah…haven’t seen one of those around here in years. But today? I’ll be GODDAMNED if there wasn’t a fucking large abdomened ant out in the backyard, transversing the bricks around the same time that I was looking for/at the other ants marching around going here and there.

I watched it for a while, and marveled at “the coincidence”…seeing as how these ants are pretty goddamn big and distinguishable from the other small ants. Damn near like wingless-wasps, but they are ants, not wasps. We used to watch them in the springtime when they’d stick their butts up in the air and swirl them around, sometimes extending their stingers that were covered in some kind of fluid. I just figured they were using some aromatic fluid to communicate with other ants.

Which brings me to the RIDICULOUS amounts of bees that I have seen this Spring. SHITLOADS of them. Where have the bees gone? Um…I guess they escaped off of the farms and commercialized colonies that are trucked all over the country year round, and have gone rogue. Yeah…prolly shoulda seen that one comin, eh?

^Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (The Leftfield Remix) [1994] HQ HD^

Trying to remember my grandmother’s orchards and vineyards, but am having difficulty doing so. It seems to me that maybe a tornado or storm got ahold of that orchard part, and ripped it to motherfucking shreds. But I could be wrong about that. I only remember the tornadoes dancing (yes, plural) and watching Black Widows and Brown Recluses living in proximity to one another to each’s mutual advantage.

I was WAY too young to remember such things…let alone…remember them properly. Not like they are my eyes/ears/senses/memories are anything. I musta got hit by flying debris or something. Knocked my brain out.

Q: Anyone ever had to shove one of their dislodged sinus cavities back up into their nose with their finger?

A: Yeah...me neither. Freaked me the fuck out.
^Yello – The Expert (Full High Definition Video) Najlepsza Jakość ! Czysty głos!^

I remember the smell of the chemicals sprayed everywhere when I was a kid. Crop-dusters, tractors, and I even remember the “Mosquito Trucks” that used to come around and spray at night. As a matter of fact, just a coupla years ago late one night, I was sitting up on the roof of my house in a lawnchair watching the sky, when a big-assed truck rolled by spraying some shit everywhere, and I then remembered that we had gotten a notice earlier in the week to “stay indoors on this particular night between the hours of X and X because of spraying for West Nile Infected Mosquito”…but I forgot about it.


There’s was a hellava awesome halo in the sky that night prior to the trucks arriving. I was thinking about the Annunaki that night. Weird.

^pendulum – slam^

So this kid has got this fiberglass in his hands, arms, ears, eyes, nose, lungs, mouth, throat, etc…and his body is trying to deal with this shit the best that it can. The itching on his hands is so fucking bad sometimes, that he resorts to endlessly rubbing his hands on his rough-assed bedspread until his hands are bloody. I mean, this is a stupid kid.

Kids dig in their butts and noses (hopefully not in that order) and chase/handle frogs, and wade through nasty assed creeks and ponds collecting tadpoles and cattails, and throw dried cow-patties at other kids, and other nasty shit. Get that fucking kid in the bathtub and clean his ass up, get him in some freshly washed clothes, give him some antibiotics, and get his sick ass into a nice clean bed with nice clean Charlie Brown imprinted bedsheets…STAT!!!

I mean, I feel sorry for that kid who had to endure all that shit with his hands, but not really, because that kid was and is me.

Just don’t want anyone else to suffer through that or similar if they don’t have to.

Is that such a bad thing?

I’m with you…TERRIBLE idea. Let’s think of something else.

^Hot Chip Ready For The Floor (Soulwax Remix)^

The body can and does get clever and creative. I’m sure of it. I guess the question is…what do we do at that point? I dunno either. Let’s hope we get it right.

^Deadmau5 – My Pet Coelacanth (1080p) || HD^

Maybe there is some connection there, with respect to how Asbestos handles heat/electrical charges, how fiberglass handles heat/electrical charges, and the static and dynamic ways that we tend to look at electricity. Prolly gonna be a lot of dirt and other filthy crap on that cheap-flimsy-assed air-filter when we go to change it.

I wonder if that is any kind of indicator as to how we look at some point and points within these domiciles in which we occupy from time to time?

/me shrugs
^Renegade Soundwave – Thunder^

I gots no answers.
I gots no avenues to answers.

“Yes, but…what if we could?”

Dr. Conrad Zimsky/Stanley Tucci
Movie = The Core

^Yello – Pocket Universe – More^

X: You sure about any of that?
Cade: I’m sure I wrote it. Kinda on the fence as to origins as of late.
Z: Why is that?
Cade: Kinda wallering through “The Sea and Seas of Influence and Inspiration” at the moment-ish time.
A: Shouldn’t that have been “The Sea and Seas of Influence of Inspiration”
Cade: Prolly.
0: Why isn’t it?
Cade: I dunno. Just don’t see us as static and unchanging people outside of certain frames of reference.
T: Meaning?
Cade: Yeah…something like that. I can hate the living SHIT out of someone inside, but treat them like any other person when and if dealing with them.
X: How is that possible?
Cade: I dunno. I think that its something that we all do.
0: Any blame there? Any labels applicable in that situation?
Cade: I guess. But that’s kinda “the fluidity of chance and fate” as far as I can tell.
X: Why?
Cade: I don’t live in a vacuum. Inside? Yes…very much so. But that’s the entire concept of “The House of Horrors” and “The Toolbox.” Encounter a puzzling situation, take as much and as many of that encounter as I can into “The House of Horrors”…and hone that experience into something useful for future use.
Z: Isn’t that kinda…Self-Deprecating or Self-Deluding, or some other “Self-Type-Something?”
Cade: I dunno. What isn’t there with respect to “the self” if I’m not involved? Even if it’s “a chance encounter” …”there’s a chance” that I might need that experience and it’s teachings sometime in the future yeah?
A: When and if properly applied….yes.
Cade: I guess that’s the rub eh? “Proper Application” is perspective.
X: Could you hit yourself between the eyes with a hammer?
Cade: From a mechanics/mechanical standpoint…sure…why not?
0: I can think of some reasons.
T: I could think of some reasons to…but I’m not gonna.
Cade: lolz…Yeah…something like that.
Z: So why do you think such a proposal would be “something worthy of pondering?”
Cade: I dunno. Ever seen a picture of someone stabbed 50+ times with a meat fork? Or a picture of a dead woman kneeling on the floor with a coathanger still extended from her vagina?
X: Maybe.
Cade: I don’t always think of “negative things.” I think of many things that I try and coalesce into something good, when and if that opportunity arises.
Z: What about a situation where “something bad” is in order.
Cade: In order? Or on order?
Z: Don’t get smart with me, we are trying to be serious here.
Cade: Touche.
A: Now what?
X: I think there are those that aren’t going to understand your “Touche” there.
Cade: Since when does “a serious situation” need to result in bloodshed of some sort, in order to somehow solidify the seriousness of the situation?
X: It doesn’t.
0: Not always.
T: But sometimes.
Cade: Yeah…but this confounding concept of pursuing peace baffles the living SHIT out of me.
X: Seek peace, but prepare for war?
Cade: What in the FUCK does peace have to do with war or vice verse?
B: May I inteject here real quick, and suggest that you are suggesting that “being peaceful yourself, will somehow nullify peace and or war as they relate to each other on the global stage and stages?”
Cade: No. I’m suggesting that what we do, is what we do.
X: What about everyone else.
Cade: I’m not everyone else, neither are they me. I am I, and we are we. Those concepts sometimes are relevant, and sometimes not.
Z: You were gonna bring up a certain “cashier at a certain McDonald’s restaurant” encounter that you had several years ago, and the conversation that followed that encounter, that you had with your now Ex-Wife.
Cade: I can’t live anyone else’s life for them. I can only express my desire to neither harm, nor harm.
T: What in the hell does that mean. I think you baffled even me with that one.
Cade: Expect nothing, give everything. I ain’t gonna get specific there. Too fucking preachy sounding.
Z: Welp, I think you about covered it.
X: Yeah, no need to get specific with respect to everything.
Cade: I gots no answers. Not trying to be dodgy or cagey, but yeah…trying to be exactly that/those.
A: Let’s assume that the “impossible is possible”…what would you say to that?
Cade: Sounds entirely possible.
X: And by that you mean…impossibility is possible.
Cade: Yep…happens all the time.
0: Is that even…probable?
Cade: I dunno. Is it possible that “space worms” have invaded my brain.
X: Not much to invade there…so…yeah…prolly not possible.
Cade: lolz…Fair enough. Or touche…or something. lolz…I dunno. I’ve seen some possibilities that I would have never considered, nor even considered contemplating, let alone contemplating these contemplations “out in the open” considering my past.
Z: And why is that?
0: Yeah, why IS that…and what IS your past?
Cade: Welp…that’s difficult to explain here. But scrolling through my reposts over at “my blog?” Yeah…I’ve been just a tad…chatty.
X: You have over 8,000 posts over at that one forum, and you don’t consider that…chatty?!?!?!?
Cade: Well…yeah…that’s pretty chatty. But that forum’s postings are more of an action/reaction type situation, where I occasionally posted “clever quips to be cleaved”…and sometimes but rarely posted “walls of text.”
Z: You got one of your best compliments ever over there didn’t you?
Cade: Yep.
T: And what was that exactly.
Cade: Someone once responded to something that I had written, with…”If you aren’t writing for a living, you are doing the world a disservice.”
X: Stung…didn’t it.
Cade: Yep.
0: Still does?
Cade: Yep.
0: Any idea who said that to you, and any idea if they were trolling you?
Cade: No idea. Be I recall the thread being in some “serious territory” of some kind. So, I assumed that it was serious, but tempered that with “possibility of troll.”
A: Why would someone “troll you” in a serious conversation?
Cade: Newton’s 3rd. That’s the whole concept of trolling with respect to The Internet. A place to say whatever in the fuck that you want, however in the fuck you wanna say it, whyever in the fuck you want to say it…consequences be damned.
Z: Doesn’t sound…healthy.
0: Kinda like the length of this here exchange that we have going on currently.
T: Yeah…when Roob sees this?
X: Prolly gonna shit herself. (no offense meant/intended little lady)
Cade: I dunno…we do what we do I guess. If EVERYTHING on The Internet was a troll…no one would go there.
Z: Sounds…familiar.
Cade: Now why in the fuck would THAT be?
Z: You mean, why would that sound familiar?
Cade: Yeah. Why would that NOT sound familiar to someone who has heard everything from everyone from all times through all times?
X: That’s a long time.
Z: A very long time.
Cade: 😦 Thanks for dropping by.
Z: My pleasure.
Cade: Kudos. And thanks. Thanks for taking the time.

^crystal method I Know It’s You^

Have a great weekend!



Thanks for the effort Roob.

A song 4 U

^Front 242 – Happiness (Dub Mix by Underworld)^

And one more for…erm…you know who.

^Wipeout – Cold Storage – Messij^


Eating Time

Missive From ‘Merica: Swirly Whirliness

I received a new missive from The Okie Devil last night, Dear Reader, which is set out for you, below. Whilst I was reading it, Leggy sent me a Twitter DM about a ‘Recorder of Possibly New Energy‘…

Legs DMs Roobee with Torsind link

Special studies have established that the torsind perceives an unexplained influence which can be associated with neither gravity nor electromagnetism. Perhaps it is responding to a new kind of solar radiation unknown to modern science. The special significance of this radiation is that it transfers a torque which causes a torsind disk to rotate.

*So the box moves faster, Clicky… Interesting…*


Welp, it’s official. I forgot to say HOWDY at the very beginning of this particular whatever, hence…I’m an asshole. Please forgive me, I’ll do better next time. Or not. Or something. Whatever. OH! And whatshername informed me a little while ago that she went to court this morning, and our divorce is now final.

<golf clap...or something>

“The wind whistling through my ears” would prolly be more applicable.

^Fantastic Plastic Machine – Days and Days^

HOWDY!!! 😉

Not gonna harp on this, but it’s kind of a shocker, seeing as how this situation was only recently described to me as “should hear something soon.” But to be fair, I was kinda left out of the process, seeing as how I was only an inconsequential party to the process/processes spinning in order to include me for omission. Now that I have been officially omitted, and I have a copy of the divorce papers in my hot little hand, I’m free to roam about contemplating what went wrong for the rest of my life. I might get to some other mysteries during that process, but prolly not.

^Dirty Vegas – “Days Go By” (Original version)^

I guess one of the things that I’ve wrassled with during this process, is how to tell “my side of the story” without sounding like some pretentious prick. Easy, remove all pretenses, tell it as it is, as best you can. It’ll be close, not exact, and yet…exactly like that. Prolly put some thinking into trying to mindful of others, but I may not have to. I dunno. Tried.

/me shrugs

Anyway…yeah. That’s why I call whatshername “whatshername.” I know her name, she does too. But I don’t want you to know it. You can know that she has one, and also know that I know you know she has one, but I ain’t telling what it is. It has too much of …erm…”an untrusting ring” to name names in this particular situation. Lotta weird shit going on…and it’s been my experience that the best thing to do in a storm…is ride it. Not like you have any other choice, unless you do have another choice…so…yeah. Maybe this is why I personally have such a difficult time with “separating certain things” just because we can. I guess that notion of asking someone else the question of “why are you doing this?”…which is responded to with an answer of “because I can.”

Points of confusion, merging at the same time, and at different points in time, all at the same time, while seeking understanding on different timelines.

Party A: Has been at this party a while, and can’t go into all of the details at this particular time of your arrival.

Party B: Has just arrived at the party, and has no fucking clue what the hell is transpiring, but needs an accurate accounting in very short order!

^Philip T.B.C. feat. C.Monts – Back To The Batcave (Topspin Remix)^

So…watching the video below…it got me to thinking less about “the tornado that comes down”…and more about “the tornado that goes up.” If you wanna know more, about my line of thinking here…give the following vid a gander, then I’ll catch ya on the flipside.

^Extreme up-close video of tornado near Wray, CO!^

I’ve actually seen a small funnel similar to the “finger” shown first in the video, that seems to be timidly reaching down, then extending back up. This got me to thinking about the air/moisture at ground level, and it’s motions and movements relative to the funnel in the clouds. Almost as if, there was “a negotiation of sorts”…transpiring between the clouds, the ground, and everything in between, as the funnel was seeking it’s pathway to the ground in a manner that seemed…hesitant.

Thinking about the weight of the water/moisture contained in those clouds, the lightning in and of those clouds, and the electrical/energy portions of the ground and their motion(s), as well as the air/wind and everything in between…it really got me to thinking about the low pressure(s) generated during tornadoes with respect to lightning’s ability to transform vapor/gasses into water and vice versa. That “phasing” kind of simultaneousness of turning some gases into water, and some water into gases, all at the same time, all in a more dynamic system that seems very turbulent and chaotic, but is actually quite stable.

But don’t tell that to anyone in the path of such a storm.

^Soulwax – Is It Always Binary^

So yeah…thinking about the tornado itself as a stabilizing factor and/or director of sorts, as to distribution and movement of that storm within the dynamic systems that surround it. Thinking about it in terms of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, where you have peanut butter on the top slice of bread, jelly on the bottom slice of bread, and what happens when you mash those two slices of bread together. There is going to be a spreading out, then some suction as these substances and particles try to find their own balance once you release pressure.

Almost like two parabolas meeting, bending further to accommodate each other, then finding their natural balance together…whatever that might be. If you keep the systems that surround these two meeting forces in mind, maybe it’ll make more sense as to why excluding the whole can sometimes be folly. And yet, we keep trying. Nothing wrong with that, cept when and if there is something wrong with it. But we can’t know when and what those might be, until and when we do.

Q: Now what?

A: I dunno. Why are you asking me?
^Stonebridge ft. Therese – Put Em High (JJs Club Mix) HQ^

Focusing more on the goings on around the tornado, than the tornado itself. Afterall, the tornado seems to be some sum of these goings on around it, and not the whole in and of itself, I get the feeling that “the tornado knows this.” Yeah…it’s a stretch. BUT! Tornadoes are kinda…”springy and stingy” at the same time, so thinking about “The Ancient Greeks” here, and their postulation of “something’s desire to return to it’s natural state”…LET’S TALK SPACE TRAVEL!!!

^Hybrid – Marrakech^

Q: How far do you have to be away from home, in order to get “homesick?”

A: ?¿?

Q: How long do you have to be away from home, in order to get “homesick?”

A: ¿?¿

Are we talking time here? Or distance? Or speed? Because they all had to merge at some point to get you away from where you left, in order to get you where you were going, in order to get you to being homesick.

So when and where did these things “merge?”

My immediate answer is going to be “all along the way baby.” But that sounds a little too saucy, zesty, zany and/or spicy, so let’s dial that back to boredom so we can see where we are going.

Wait…where were we going?

Meh…doesn’t matter.

ANYWAY…erm..space travel. Now that we’ve been out in space for some time, and we’re God knows how far from Earth/Terra…what are these factors that are making us “homesick?”

The easy path is going to be family, friends, loved-ones, etc…but what if you have no such “ties” behind on Earth? I mean…there is nothing that we as individuals have to keep on Earth/Terra…so why are we getting sick? Erm…we are made up of we…so…there’s gonna be some creepiness to that immediate thought.

Yeah…a being made up of 40 trillion cells + 50 trillion bacteria/viruses/etc = one space-sick/homesick dude or dudette.

Now, you are thinking…welp…”eliminate one of those two, and we are good as gold.”

Hmmm…I wonder if “bacteria” is gonna first on that hit list. Just guessing on that one. Not like bacteria are currently on any hit lists or anything. Just…thinking out loud.

^Pogo – Oyster Dreamland^

Been seeing “Thor’s Hammer” being bandied about here and there lately, and it got me to thinking about Osiris.


Yeah…Osiris. Seems like he carried something around with him on his person that might be capable of giving something or someone “a smack” equally as well as a hammer…so…yeah.

Maybe a connection there. Maybe not.

But anyway, it got me to thinking about Thor needing his hammer to either stop something, or start something. Kinda like those crazy Poles and their Bricks and Hammers, cept Thor has no brick/bricks. Or…maybe he does. So trying to think as a scorpion might, I’m gonna jump to “dancing with Shiva”…or…”what it is to dance with Shiva.” Not that I’ve noticed how red Orion’s foot has looked lately or anything…but I digress. (Yeah, in my part of the world, Orion’s foot has looked very red in the sky lately.)

^deadmau5 – Polaris^

Thinking even further now about this storm in the video above, and all of that transitioning weight and mass of the clouds themselves as they move and roll in, trying to get to where they are going…I can’t help but guide my gaze downward and think of the people. The houses and infrastructure, the people that built it, and the people that they built it for. So now that I am breaking my cardinal rule of never looking into the future…let’s go all the way, and see what we are trying to see, as we are watching these events unfold.

Not like there is any poetry to the people who made that video running out of gas right in the big middle of that tornado or anything. I personally could not decide whether it was a good thing or bad thing that someone chasing a tornado ran out of gas right there at the business end of that particular event(s)…but the video survived, so that story is capable of telling itself via the active participants.

I am a mystery...find me.
^Pogo – Raining in Wonderland^

Yeah…I’m all over the place currently. But I couldn’t help but think about that statue of Shiva at the LHC. Thinking in terms of all of the things that “make The Universe go”…it’s a lot to think about. Especially for someone like me who is WAY out of their league in both science and religion, and just about everything else. It’s difficult to try and fit in when you know that you don’t.

So…you improvise. Before long, you are building some huge thing for some reason that you aren’t sure of.

Thinking in terms of arcs and parabolas, yeah…that shit was prolly coming together LONG before you first thought of it. Just keep that in context, and shit should get out of hand in no time at all. 😉

^Dr. John: Right Place Wrong Time^
"How Shit Applies To Me."

lolz…If I ever get the gumption to write/write a book, that prolly outta be a title of one of them.

But I digress.

Yeah, ego. On the outside, it’s damn near impossible to understand since it’s interpreted/interpretive and kinda…situationally based on something that is kinda easy to understand until you are told what a piece of shit yours is. (lolz) So, survival instinct, and how yours manifests when it manifests. So…that’s gonna be an outward thing, based on inner reflection of these coming interpretations, as they manifest through interpolation “as it happens.”

So, action/reaction in a little more dynamic fashion than just “Newton’s 3rd”…even tho that is going to be our base. So if I put that thought back into “Thor’s Hammer”…I’m thinking in terms of guidance with respect to “is Thor putting the string into my stinger? Or taking it out?”

I picture Thor’s Hammer banging on my claws to put the string into the sting, or banging on the sting itself to either hone or harm the sting. Afterall, we only get to do this once. After that, we have to either do it all over, or find something else to do. And who wants to do that? 😉

It’s a lot to think about. Especially as a student, which is what I consider myself.

So…relying on others’ best judgement, even when it opposes my conclusions.

^Radiohead – Everything In Its Right Place (Hybrid Remix) – COM LAG (2plus2isfive)^

Not gonna go much deeper into the Horoscope aspect since I know little to nothing about it. But what I am good at, is piecing things together that go together, and leaving things alone that need to be left “as-is.” I guess I don’t need to bring up my abilities of dissecting things, and my discretion in those types of matters.

So…now that we have our storm, and our lightning trying to keep things together and/or take them apart, we have a lot of pressure changes between our mass of water/moisture/clouds, as well as the dust and other particulate matter contained within that mass of clouds.

WAIT!!! WHAT?!?!?!?!?

Any dynamic within a system either adds and/or detracts from that system yes?

Dust is paramount in the formation of raindrops and hailstones, so why would other particulate matter not have an effect on a storm or other arrangement of visible moisture? And not just particulate that can usually be detected in some way by science, but also gas and gasses and energies of all kinds.

Q: Ever seen a storm change colors?


Yeah, not just black and/or grey, but green, yellow, orange, red, and black and blacks, and grey and greys all mixed in. When you throw The Sun/Sol and it’s motion in there relative to The Earth/Terra and it’s motion(s) relative to the storm and it’s motions? Yeah, a lot of pushing and pulling in the middle there. Almost like…breathing. In…and out. So if we think about particulate with respect to breathing? Yeah…prolly gonna be some “hiccups” in the normal motion and dynamics.

Suddenly…predictability just went right out the fucking window. The house prolly went with it.

^Royksopp – Poor Leno (Jakatta mix)^

Basically, yeah…I see the gears turning. Just not sure what role I have outside of seeing these gears turning. Not that it’s important, but I guess someone had to do it.

/me shrugs
^deadmau5 – Avaritia^

Just been pondering the notion lately, that any long-term/long-duration trip away from The Earth/Terra, is gonna be a one way trip. And not from some looming potential disaster that has been anticipated, accounted for, and relegated to the realm of the negligible. It’s going to be for those things that you couldn’t possibly account for, seeing as how we’ve never done this before.

Instead of time/duration/length, you instead think of energy and energies with respect to transitions/transitional from a standpoint of “evolution” and/or “mutation”…there might be some long term effects of leaving/returning to Earth/Terra that haven’t been accounted for.

EX: When Apollo 11 returned from the moon, the astronauts were kept in isolation/quarantine for a period of time in the event of any contaminants of the viral/bacterial variety that they may have encountered on the moon.

But if we flip that…

Q: What about mutation within the astronauts themselves?


Yeah. They had a lot of stuff from Earth/Terra with them, and this stuff sought to emulate standard Earth/Terra conditions on The Moon/Luna so that the astronauts could survive the trip. But what effect(s) did the astronauts themselves have on The Moon itself, and what effect(s) did it have on them in return?

Even if you are emulating Earth’s/Terra’s environment, you aren’t on Earth/Terra…so…how accurate is that emulation over long periods of time.

I dunno either.

I do know that if these effects are relegated to the realm(s) of “the negligible”…that’s prolly where they are gonna manifest.

Q: Do we want a pendulum? Or a snowball here?

A: umm...wut?

Do we need to see an IMMEDIATE effect in order for this “negligible” to be considered paramount? Or does it need to remain “hidden and undetected for a while” until the negligible becomes paramount?

Same shit…different timeline.

The short is, who is affected, and who is not, and when?

^Jay Lumen – Can You Dance (Original Mix)^

Now that we are back to fission/fusion, and how these energies are distributed “in straight lines” during a particular event…how long are these “straight lines” before they bend?

Are you sure of the origins of these energies?

Because if not, how can you be sure as to their destinations?

If the prevailing assumption is that “we need to get the fuck away from this planet” due to knowledge/understanding that we currently have in our possession regarding our ALWAYS living on a planet, that is bombarding us with radiation from different sources, and these sources are the source of all of our ailments and maladies….

Q: Where ya gonna go?


Q: What cha gonna do when ya get there?


Q: Where are the rest of us gonna be?


Q: Are you sure that you are sure as to the methods and reasoning(s) in your action(s)

A: Yeah...I dunno either.
/me shrugs
^Wizard Of Meh | Pogo^

If I were to wrap some of these thoughts into ergonomics, and the way that we treat people today with respect to how we view “someone sitting on their ass all day and collecting a paycheck”…we might be able to think a little more with respect to space travel and how we would think about treating those travelers on our mutually-beneficial type of journey.

I suggest you view the movie “Dark Star” if you wanna see how I view long-term space travel with respect to the travelers themselves. Their mission, their status and statuses, the changes within the changes that are changing, and how all of these changes change during the changes, and the change that they change into.

Quite a headful, eh? Not really. I hate to have to say that sentence aloud tho. I’d prolly cover anyone within 20 paces with gallons of bacteria ridden slobber.

But yeah…ergonomics within the workplace. If you are sitting most of the day in an uncomfortable chair, what are the odd ways that your body is going to try and compensate? And I’m talking adaptation in more of a compensational type way, since we are gonna have this job for a while right?

Right? RIGHT?!?!?!?


Whew…that was a close one. Mighta went postal there. 😉

Q: If everything in our lives revolves around work, how long is that gonna work?

A: ???

Just…something to think about.

^Chaos Chaos – In This Place (Live on KEXP)^

I dunno. The astronauts get everything custom-fitted and custom-made, why is it so hard to understand that everyone kinda needs/requires the same attention? Too much standardization and adaptation to that/those standardizations? Hmmm…has that worked out well with the concept of “the bra?” I understand modesty. I respect it. But ever seen how dead people/sick people get handled?

Yeah…not a lot of modesty there.


Anyway, I noticed a story about this husband wife team making custom fitted bras, and my heart kinda leapt a little. I mean yeah, my heart leapt a lot…but prolly not for the reasons you might think. But you might be able to think of a couple. 😉

^Propellerheads – Velvet Pants^

Gotta run.

Have a great Wednesday.


^Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis^

cYa | cFa

^Jaaam | Pogo^


bespoke (adj.) “custom or custom-made, made to order,” of goods, as distinguished from ready-made, 1755, the same sense found earlier in bespoken (c. 1600), past participle of bespeak, in a sense of “to speak for, to arrange beforehand,” a sense attested in bespeak from 1580s. Now usually of tailored suits.

Missive From ‘Merica: Double Header

Well, it was going to be a double header for Sunday, Dear Reader: two missives from Cade, butt… in the end I spent the evening with Thoughtful Man, helping him catch up on Doctor Who episodes…

*I was only going to watch the new episode with him but he kept asking “What happened to Clara?’ and “Who the fuck is Nardole?” …/sigh…*

*Yeah, and it’s not even like hadn’t seen those episodes before… /thinks… It almost like… /squints… like he was playing dumb or sumthing…*

So without further ado, Dear Reader, here is The Okie Devil’s second missive for Easter Sunday. Enjoy! ❤



It was on this day a coupla thousand years ago, that someone died/was killed, then…WHOOSH…vanished.

Q: When did this “person of interest” vanish?

A: ???
^Matt Lange – Escapist^

I guess when we think about our own lives, and the stories that we hear, there is a simultaneousness that is created over time with respect to stories that we hear over the span of our life. Maybe an understanding that is always there, that is balanced by a non-understanding, or vice versa. Maybe this is an additional factor that sometimes drives us to know. But there’s a problem with even that. I guess someone trying to prove that this is correct or incorrect is going to have to prove the proof at some point. So you’re gonna have to recruit. You’re gonna have to figure out how to find others that think the way you think, or believe what you believe, so that you can prove whatever it is that you are trying to prove.

Q: Is this what has happened to teaching/teachers?

A: SAY WUT?!?!?!?

I’m only thinking of my own experiences, and how those experiences of the “mine” variety relate to those that I have observed around me who have shared their similar experiences with me.

Yep…still trying to understand, exactly what it is that I am supposed to be understanding.

So…practice. Or…”in-practice”…if that makes more sense.

^Matt Lange – Count It^

If I seek out someone to help me, is what they recommend considered law?

If someone seeks me out for help, is what I recommend considered law?

That’s kinda how I operate. At least, how I try to operate. This is what I was taught. But I’ve found that the practical application of these precepts pretty much necessitate throwing them out the window first-rattle-out-of-the-bag upon encountering either. This allows me to view anyone as I interact with as an individual…and not some situational statute that must be adhered to and followed.

This is a person who’s experience and experiences are going to vary within the aforementioned constructs. And when we get topical as to the specific issue at hand? The potential(s) become damn near limitless as to the possibilities within that particular exchange. Maybe this is another place where we get things really fucking right and/or really fucking wrong within certain disciplines of human endeavors. Maybe it’s because of all of the shit that we continue to omit under the assumption of “if it wasn’t needed then, we ain’t gonna need it now nor ever.”

Oh yeah?

Q: What’s the issue?

A: WHAT?!?!?

Yeah. What’s the issue? Done this before have you? Oh…you have? Hmmm…then why are you doing it again?

^deadmau5 – Polaris^

Prolly why “the cyclical models” work so well AND fail so spectacularly. You include one time as the base for the cycle…and then…leave all other times within that time out.

Almost sounds like…growth.


Q: If we take a single bacteria…and intentionally “suspend” that living organism’s “anima”…what does that do to time?

A: ?¿?

Are you thinking small or big here with respect to time and times? Because if you aren’t thinking singularly, with respect to the nested time and times, then you are prolly thinking destructively.

Time stops for one, time stops for all.


Are you thinking “instantaneously” with respect to that stoppage? Or are you taking time into consideration there? Time does have a flow to it afteall, even within the context of simultaneousness and or singularity. So let’s think of this in terms of a freight train that encounters an issue.

Q: If the engine pulling our train suddenly stops completely, what happens to the cars that this engine is pulling?

A: Almost has an "unstoppable force meets immovable object" kinda ring to it eh?

Welp…reactions take time. Irrespective of the amount of time that reaction takes, and irrespective of the observers ability to comprehend/measure/quantify that time.

Q: If time stops for one, that cascades and causes time to stop for all, how would you know?

A: ...

Time has stopped for you. How would you know?

^No Mana – Metronomes For Pulsars (Monstergetdown Remix)^

Maybe this video below helps with the concept of “unexpected persistences”…and how they relate to immovable objects/unstoppable forces…and maybe not.

/me shrugs
^Hancock Saves Ray ”Train Scene” – Hancock-(2008) Movie Clip Blu-ray HD^

Thinking of time as motion that perpetuates itself through its system via systems that creates this system, what happens when time stops at location “A” via a “System A Stoppage?”

A = Location time stopped.

System A = system that stopped at location A.

Q: What happens to Location B/System B?

A: A + B = X

X is simultanous there as both “A” and “B” and “X” when “X = A + B”…but there is going to be a compounding factor since we don’t know the result(s) of any…let alone what those results will result in over time over times over time.

So…”X” always exists. It’s simply a matter of when and where “X” coalesces and/or manifests and how.

X = The Mystery in the now, via the past, to the future.

When X = Z? Game Over.

Maybe if you think of “When X = 0″…instead of “when X = Z” or “When X = Ω”…that’ll make it seem less creepy.

BUT FEAR NOT!!! For there is not simply one set of “A + B = X”…there are two.

^deadmau5 & ATTLAS – bad at titles^

Yep…two sets.

A + B = X
X = B + A

But, I’m gonna go ahead and point out that these two equations are simultaneous, because of the third iteration of this equation that is embedded within it. I’m not ready to post the full equation yet because I don’t know how to describe it other than just show you the original equation that spawned the other two equations that are nested in a single equation. My oldest son came up with the equation, and I am trying to explain it. I guess this is what “real scientists” endure at the behest of their ideas, but I can only guess. I’m not a scientist, real or otherwise. Just someone who happened to be in the right spot to see some things coming together in a lot of ways that make perfect sense, and no sense whatsoever.

So the embedded third set is going to be…

A ->< - X -><- B

Maybe if you keep in mind that “X” is always simultaneously “X” and/or “A” and/or “B”…that’ll help. Just keep in mind that “X” is always “X”, but “X” can and does become “A” when and if it does…

X = A| = |A = X

Once X becomes A, A pushes X to a placeholder for “B”…should “B” eventually manifest/need to manifest. However I should also point out that even in this mode, “A” is still unknown, and/or, known but unrealized. “X” is gonna help us in the now, via A/B, beginning to end.

^Robert Oaks – Apparitions^

So now that we have A = X, we can move on to…

A + X = B

To help a little bit as to “the role of X”…think of splitting “X” like so…

X = \/ + /\
X = > + <

Yeah…a dynamic pointer in a 4-dimensional space that is manifested in the 5th dimension that has 3 extra dimensions of time.

I think of “X coalescing” as a wink. That X only becomes X, when its time for some evaluation as to how to proceed from there. Keeping a “one two, one two” kind of marching cadence is going to help. Because once we find our “B”? X is gonna become a little more dynamic than it already was in its static representation.

EX: When A + X = B, = A + B = X, X = X/Y/Z


A + B = X


A + B = X/Y/Z

The addition of “Y” and “Z” are going to give us a little “cushion”…if you will…and they are also going to be representative of “A” and “B”, but BACKWARDS…as a method of accounting. An “audit trail”…if you will.

Any of this sound familiar to anyone?

Yeah…it erm…crosses some lines.

But if you keep in mind when and where these lines originated in the first place? Maybe that’ll make it seem less creepy. That’s my hope anyway.

^deadmau5 feat. Grabbitz – Let Go (NemesiZ Remix)^

Anyone else gotta report to work tomorrow? SUCKERS!!! I”M UNEMPLOYED AND NEVER WORK!!! HAHAHAHAHA…or something (I’ll try and work on maintaining my composure better)

^Blue Mora – Life^

If I told you, that the original model for time as we know it now, was made out of wood, would you believe me? More than that, what if I told you that this model for time that was made out of wood? Yeah…it eventually became the engine that started time as we know it today, once this model was put into motion.

Maybe if you think about the time that it took to create this model, and the amount of time that it took for this model to run in order to create the time and times that we know today…maybe that’ll help.

I’m seeing 6-sided blocks, that are arranged like some psychotic “Jenga” stack, that are actually tumblers that roll and tumble in a sequence that activates/deactivates the blocks that it comes in contact with, in multiple ways in multiple dimensions…all at the same time and at different times. There are certain blocks in motion, and some that are at rest, but the whole is always in motion. Maybe if you think in terms of infinities embedded within the concept of eternity, that’ll help.

We are talking about Chaos Theory here, and how The Butterfly Effect is going to relate to Sting Theory and Quantum Dynamics. I intentionally changed that term from Quantum Mechanics, because we are talking about looking backwards through time at the motions and actions of the machine itself, and the results set and sets of those dynamics, and how they relate to our world/universe today. If Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Cosmology are spit, and neither is making progress in either regard, welp…even stagnation has a dynamic.

Not trying to combine anything there. But that is the intent at some point as far as I can tell. Coming together? Weird when you think about that concept in a Universe that is always coming apart. Hmmm…coming together in one place, and coming apart in another. Whodathunkit?

^No Mana feat. Winnie Ford – Constellations^

I guess we can learn things “on our own” if we keep that “on our own” concept in perspective. It’s damn hard to do that’s for sure. I guess it’s sad for me personally, to at this point have to think about weaponry and “advances” with respect to discovery. But I also know that I am not alone in this regard. Lotta examples of people who are seeking peace somehow finding war, and people seeking war finding peace, and blah blah blah.

Yeah…very “blah” sounding, all that war and peace is. In our time, just over the last few days and weeks…bombs being dropped, missiles being launched/fired, weapons being deployed, others being tested. Its confusing as shit. It’s even more confusing when you try and rationalize confusion into making some kind of sense. Hell, that concept of “rationalizing confusion” sounds warlike in and of itself. I’m not suggesting that you hit your knees every time that you do something, but maybe a pause within the confusion here and there ain’t such a bad notion.

I mean, we are becoming a 24/7/365=366 world, in a world that could already be defined as existing in such a tense and tenses. But requiring someone to work on day that you yourself refuse to work on? Requiring someone to work hours that you yourself do not work? Requiring someone to adhere to standards you yourself do not adhere to? Yeah…I think shit like that is going to have a natural propensity to manifest itself in ways that you can neither anticipate nor understand. And how in the hell are you gonna make these connections or reach some sort of understanding as to their plausibility if you continue to dismiss the same potential sources over and over again.

Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over again, using the same methods and expecting a different result.

Welp…I have some problems with that particular quip. Mainly, because it seems to be all about time and times, and yet omits time completely. It’s “result(s) based thinking” at its worst…and/or at its best (to be fair). And I guess that’s really what this is all about, eh?


I dunno. Maybe you have a different agenda.

/me shrugs
^ATTLAS – The Machinery Chewed^

There was an odd reference to “the wine-press” somewhere I stumbled across recently. Which made me think of “The Grape” as “The Butterfly In The Wheel” in that “Wine-Press” context. But thinking about it now, it also makes me think of this concept of Kenosis, and what a mysterious concept this is even to someone like me. Someone like me being, someone who is comfortable with the concept of God/gods, and equally comfortable with the concept of no God/gods. I dunno what in the fuck they are or would be, and haven’t bumped into any lately, so why would either concept not make sense? Welp, that’s any easy one…”because they don’t”. Meaning, they don’t make sense because they don’t make sense to someone. The fact that something not making sense to someone, also doesn’t make sense to you personally? Yeah…makes sense. lolz.

^HolyU – Hidden Lines^

The thought of being hooked up to some machine in order to “prove” that I don’t know something? Yeah…kinda scary. I mean, I don’t know why you are hooking me up to this machine/why you didn’t believe my original answer, but that’s gonna make me question myself…make my mind race. Especially within the context of all the other confusion that is going on. Order comes out of chaos? Is that really your line of thinking? Because you might have “the order” confused or out of context there. If “the machine” knows “the truth”…then my suggestion would be to ask the machine, and leave me out of your fucking process and processes altogether.

^Robert Oaks – It’s Coming^

This is a pretty good batch of songs, yeah? Not that you are listening to any of them, but a lot of new shit in there from the Mau5trap label via a random YouTube playlist. Good stuff.

^Notaker – Abyss^

Q: If you are going to “take me for a ride”…what consideration(s) are you really affording me?

A: ¿?¿

I mean, I was enjoying the ride I was on just fine thank you very much. Why arbitrarily snatch me off one ride just to put me on another, under the auspices of “yer gonna love this one!” Gee thanks…lolz.

I guess the answer is pretty simple. Need and needs. That’s why I try and look at things as objectively as I can. The concept of “elders” and/or “someone more knowledgeable/experienced” is real…so why would this concept not be equally true in practice? Yeah…lotta smart people in the world. Lotta experience and experiences experiencing things. I guess maybe that notion of “when to poke your head up, and when to duck your head down” helps out sometimes. But in a time when a grenade or bomb can “get you” just as easily as a bullet? Yeah…shit can get confusing. Situations can easily seem winnable and unwinnable at the same time.

So…if you’re gonna make me play, I play it my way as best I can. I guess that’s why the concept of “the solider” works both in theory AND in practice, although it works for the same AND different reasons depending on whether the soldier in question is in training or combat.

In Training: Soldier = Fighting selflessly for God and country.

In Combat: Soldier = Fighting for self and comrades.

Yeah, that Russian Nesting Dolls concept ain’t that hard to grasp, but it’s damn hard to hold onto. Weird.

^No Mana – Static^

I guess that’s enough nonsense for one particular whatever. Not trying to set any kind of record. And I know that I just created a shitload of work for someone else to now have to sift through and evaluate. Maybe me shutting the fuck up will help, so let me do just that…right…about…here.

NOTE TO SELF: Take a shower today. You stink.
^Tinlicker – As We Wake^

cYa | cFa

^Gemini – Turn Me On [HD]^


Missive From ‘Merica: Time And Relative Digestion In Space

It has been a quiet Easter weekend, Dear Reader, which I have mostly spent watching movies with my pampered pooch, Poppy, asleep at my side. Last night after watching the new Doctor What episode, I decided to re-watch a favourite moving picture of mine, called ‘The Fall’…

… And later read Leg-Iron’s latest post

In between I received a new missive from The Okie Devil, reproduced for your enjoyment, below…


There once was a man from Kent.
Whose dick was so long it was bent.
Although it was trouble…
He’s stick it in double…
And instead of coming, he went.

^The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be^

There once was a man from Lampasas.
Whose balls were made out of brass.
He’d rub them together…
And make stormy weather…
And lightning, shot out of his ass.

^PropellerHeads – Bang On!^

We haven’t had a “wavy wall” in a while, so let’s take a question from The Whatever However Hotline!!!

Q: Cade, what are you doing?

Cade: You mean like…”my goal?”

Q: Yes.

Cade: Welp, I have no idea. Any suggestions?

^Boo Yaa TRIBE feat Mack 10 – Bang On^


Yeah…there’s a bee in my bonnet.

Must have recently been reminded of my being privy to the concept of hornets in a way that may be foreign to some. I guess I could say “an intimate knowledge” of swarming hornets that are battling each other for territory, and what it is like to be in the middle of that…but that may bee too vague, seeing as how I also have some experience with bees and wasps.

Hey…what can I say? The fucking things fascinate me. Plus, being the wimpy little kid that I was, I spent a lot of time hiding in bushes from bullies. Bushes are full of wasp nests. Prolly because of the bees that buzz around outside that bush when it is blooming, and bees proximity to that bush when it is NOT blooming. Not that we should read too deep into a 3/4 year old kid making such observations at that age since kids are stupid at that age.

^Pleasurekraft – Anubis (Mike Vale Remix)^

Someone just passed a certain something along to me, that kinda “hit home” with some things that I’ve been pondering. Especially with respect to redundancy in complex systems. My thinking, being along the lines of a complex machine made more complex by these redundancies.

Q: If the redundancy is needed, how/why is it necessary?

A: ...

Yeah. Something to that effect prolly hanging on the wall of every engineer who ever lived, to keep them “on track”…so to speak…when dealing with duplication through automation.

WHEW!!! I just opened a can of worms there, eh? “Duplication through automation” with respect to redundancy. Especially when you start thinking in terms of templates, molds and moulding…and how those relate to a 5-dimensional universe in a holographic theme. If I lost you there, maybe go outside and look at some clouds, or watch the stars as they transverse the sky, and it’ll help with that potentially confusing “holographic” addition of mine. If you watch a cloud lounge enough, it will change and/or move. If you watch a star or the moon long enough, you will be able to detect that they are moving. If you have the courage to realize that movement is transpiring right under your feet…you might get a little…woozy at the thought. Especially if you go further and start thinking about the light, the sources of that light, and the motion(s) that generate/sustain/direct them.

Now…let’s think about you (now that we’ve thought about all that other crazy shit).

Let’s go into the eye, via the ears, since you might be a little…off balance, after thinking about that shit.

^GTA & Diplo – Boy Oh Boy (Original Mix) [Tomorrowland Video HD]^

I guess I am thinking about the concept of “a safety chain” as it relates to a system, within the context of that system. Not that I know anything about a device known as “a safety chain” or anything like that, in the event that A) The Safety Chain is missing, or B)The Safety Chain is present, but it also failed. Seriously, I have no knowledge of such an event transpiring, nor the consequences/aftermath of such a scenario. So…I digress.

Q: At what point is “a safety chain” NOT…a permanent and required fixture within the framework that requires it?

A: ...<no answer to be had here...not yet anyway>...

So, I guess application and context within applying the application(s) would prolly help us out as to the necessity of a safety chain.

Markov Chain

I tried to look up “safety chain” there, but stumbled across the above instead since a definition of “safety chain” could not be located. But let’s move forward as to “redundancy” as it relates to errors, erring, and errant. Since I am a fuckup, this section’s addressing of this topic SHOULD be quite easy for me to breeze through. But once things start failing within a system, and failures continue to cascade and multiply, I think that maybe…a little…reflection might be in order. Give these things some time and some thought.

Yeah…the “safety chain” thought is just a little too close to home right now with respect to some events that I haven’t thought about since I was a child.

Mystery Remains Mysterious! NEXT!
^M.I.A. – Paper Planes^

“The room spins” for me all the time. I mean, not really. But it does when I think about this shit. Or at least, it used to when I was a kid. I’ve learned some ways to help with the spinning, because the spinning is usually not actually “spinning.” It’s typically more of a “mushy kinda roll” kinda thing. Almost like someone just smacked me right on top of my head. Not that anyone has ever smacked me on top of the head or anything…but I digress.

But yeah, I think that being an asthmatic/someone with allergies to virtually everything/difficulty breathing prolly also has helped in that regard. Some might wish to edict “control” or “self-control” here…but I’ve found that any type of action on my part that opposes what is happening at this point? Yeah, it tends to make things even worse. BUT!!! Not always. YOU are the best judge of that, since this IS happening to you and you alone at the time that this happens.

So yeah…kinda…rolling with it, if you will.

Developing the ability to catch yourself.

Sounds impossible eh?

Welp…it ain’t.

Just keep that notion contextual and situational, and you should have no problem when you must rely on someone else to catch you, after you mastered the concept of catching yourself your own damn self all by yourself.

Keeping in mind that we are an assimilation of parts, in many ways, and rely on many things to arrive where we arrive where we arrive when we arrive there…and you’ll prolly have less of a problem with humility in those “EUREKA!!!” types of moments.

^Rag’n’Bone Man – Human (Official Video)^


Enteric Nervous System-Complexity
Dark Matter
Periodic Acid
Oxidation State
Iridium Tetroxide
WHO Model List of Essential Medicines
Nasogastric Intubation
Nonvolatile Acid
Acetoacetic Acid
Alpha Wave
Lamb Waves

A “Zero Wave” type of wave. A wave that has all of the characteristics of a wave, and at the same time, none of the characteristics of a wave, because neither can be confirmed nor validated, leaving this wave in an existent, but unprovable, state.

Yeah…I just made up all that bullshit as far as know, but what I am thinking about here, is the “lifey” kinda ring to that concept as it relates to “dark matter/dark energy” in the current thinking.

EX: -99.9/99.9

A simultaneousness type of result, that mathematically can only be represented with an equal number of deficiencies on both sides of zero. “Zero” was represented above by me using the “/” sign so that it might make more sense to anyone mathematically inclined.


How’s that? Better? Or is the thought of taking those decimals out giving you “the willys.” The decimal is representative of zero in my use of math, so in my head, the above would look like this…


Meaning, you have positive AND negative on both sides…all at the same time.


I guess what I am thinking about here is the concept of balance, and what it is. Welp, if you think of yourself sitting completely motionless in the lotus-position, you’ll realize that the rest of The Universe is going 90-to-nothing spinning around you. lolz.

“90-to-nothing” means “REAL FUCKING FAST!!!” in these parts where I live. So yeah…chaos that ain’t so chaotic, and sometimes real fucking chaotic. To relate, imagine that you were not sitting there peacefully in that lotus-position while contemplating the mysteries of the universe…but rather…someone FORCED you into that position…and now…you can’t move.

Can’t move.

Can’t breathe.

Can’t leave.

Can’t stay.

So yeah…the concept of indecision/indecisiveness, represented quasi-mathematically.

No connections to be made there, eh?
^Knife Party – ‘Sleaze’^

So now that I’ve seemingly grown the balls to bridge that gap, now what?

Welp…I think some motion was prolly on the agenda there for someone. Non-motion appears to be on the agenda for someone else. All at different times with different intentions and/or purposes, but I’m kinda familiar of what it is like to be put into a position that I have no clue why I am being put into that position, and then have to endure it as best I can. You prolly also have some experience with that sort of thing. But to me personally, my salvation sometimes also lies within that vast ocean of stupid and not-knowing/non-knowing that fills the gap between my ears. Not that I am always naive and stupid. But I temper knowledge with wisdom as best I can, when it and where necessary, and keep the option of “throwing all that shit out the window, and just going with the flow” sometimes as well. I mean hell…I might just learn something new.

Maybe you are familiar with the “double-edge sword” concept. Just keep in mind that “the double-edge sword” in any analogy…also has a sheath. Keep in mind the hand that must draw or sheath that sword, and the arm that hand is connect to? And you are on your way. But that’s prolly just my own wimpy assed way of begging for mercy, since I have no clue why someone would be brandishing a sword in my proximity. I could prolly make some guesses, but I ain’t gonna do your work for you.

^Tegan and Sara – Now I’m All Messed Up [Official Lyric Video]^

Thinking about the concept of “moving up in the world”…maybe that’s why “new money” has trouble transitioning. I mean, if I can imagine something, why would I not be comfortable with what I imagine that I want, when I actually GET that something that I wanted that I now have? I guess this is where “others” come into the picture. Maybe “the new others” and our thoughts about them, as well as “the old others” and our thoughts about them. So…change.

^Fantastic Plastic Machine – Bachelor Pad^

Is the concept of positive and negative numbers existing on the same side of an equation too much to even ponder?

Q: Why?

A: !!!

I mean, even when you get to your positive number here, and your negative number there, here and there are eventually here and there at the same time right? So why not a result set that contains these two possibilities in a single answer via a multi-faceted equation? I mean…Jesus H. Christ hopping on a pogo stick!!! Isn’t this what you fucks are looking for? A “Unified Theory?”

Maybe if I worded that as “A Unified Theory”…and included the “A” instead of excluding it, that’ll help here and there as we proceed. Especially if you think in terms of beginnings and endings. Maybe the term “commencement” will help in that regard. I dunno /me shrugs

^Hello Seahorse – Despues^

I guess I’m thinking about what is “relayed to the public via science” or some other “official channel(s)” with respect to what we know about what you know. If you are trying to jam 950 billion equations together into a single mold…welp, that was already done. You just gotta adjust your focus with respect to the mold and molds, as well as your role in it. That’s what I’m trying to do anyway. I ain’t gonna wear your fucking hat or T-shirt because you tell me to. But I might wear it of my own volition. But even that has a sneaky aspect to it doesn’t it? Almost as if “my challenge to your challenge” has so challenged you, that you are gonna win irrespective of the cost(s). So you feel humiliated, and returning that humiliation is the only response. Sounds fair. Let’s dance.

^Pogo – Where I Belong HD^

I dunno mang and/or mangette, I gots no answers. If today’s correct answer is gonna be proven incorrect tomorrow, I guess it’s no wonder that science sometimes stumbles all-over itself looking for that some something while they are holding it in their hands. Because I sure as SHIT understand that concept quite well. The problem being that we chide ourselves today for ignoring tomorrow, or chide ourselves tomorrow for not taking advantage of something yesterday. But…I mean…we’re here right? It’s now right? Doesn’t that open the door for all kinds of possibility? Potentially it does anyway.

/me shrugs


Feeling kinda sapped myself.
^05 Datos Intimos (She’s a Tease) Happy-Fi Coyote Nights^

Blasphemies aside…have a wonderful Easter Sunday should you participate in that particular activity.

Imma take a shower tomorrow.

But that’s not until tomorrow.

^Mark The Beast – Breathe (ft. Niks)^

cYa | cFa

^Eptic & FuntCase – Oh Shit!^


Iconic Poppy Sculpture Opens At Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea

*Oh yes! Thanks, Clicky…*

I forgot to mention, there’s a new Art exhibition on in my home town… It’s called ‘Wave‘…

Happy Easter, Dear Reader… Have another Song… ❤

Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over… And Out

Welp (as the The Okie Devil might say)… This is the final installment of the Massive Missive he sent through last weekend…

*I had to split it up, Clicky… nine fucking pages!*

*/:D… Yes, yes it is…*




If you wanna see a cyclonic body of whatever turning in an anti-cyclonic rotation, all ya gotta do is flip the fucking thing. If you wanna see an anti-cyclonic body of whatever turning in a cyclonic rotation, all ya gotta do is flip the fucking thing. So why wouldn’t there be both cyclonic and anti-cyclonic whatevers in that whatever body of whatevers that are turning whatever whichaway?

Oh yeah…detection…detectable…verifiable…proof.

Hmmm…it occurs to me that these cyclonic and anti-cyclonic bodies that a sometimes rotating in a more succinct environment, location and/or situation(s)? Yeah…that shit is always happening somewhere, and maybe always happening in that same somewhere…it’s just…less detectable. Like laylines or some shit. I mean…even the most firm of foundations needs a base right?

Q: What is that base made of?

A: Lemme guess...bases?

Pretty dynamic for static eh?

^The Prodigy – Diesel Power^

That “unexpected persistence” that I’ve been thinking about? It got me to thinking last night about “microscopic fractures and fracturing.” That got me to thinking about Diamonds. I mean, isn’t there something about even the most perfect of diamonds requires some sort of flaw in order to make it’s perfection perfect? So if we think about fracturing as breathing, in certain instances anyway, that might help give us a better bead as to purpose, purposes, and purposing. No…not porpoising. That’s too similar to Roob’s assistant “Clicky”…but supposedly he’s a Space Dolphin with a JetPack. I guess there’s some VTOL and thrust-vectoring thinking that went into a jetpack that a dolphin can wear.

Anyway…so yeah…also…

What Is Porpoising
Ground Effect (Cars)
Ground Effect (Aerodynamics)
Mach Number
Inverse Hyperbolic Function

WHAT THE FUCK!!! That…is the first result when using Wikipedia’s own search function? Why isn’t the disambiguation page first? That’s fucking weird. Prolly a reason tho…so let’s onward eh?

Disconnection (Disambiguation)
Connected Space (Redirected from Disconnected space)
Dutch Roll

Welp, nothing like a little disambiguation to make the ambiguous disambiguous. Ambiguously so. In a muddled but clear kinda way.

^MC 900 Ft. Jesus with DJ Zero – UFO’s Exhibit B (1990)^

If you want answers…you came to the wrong place.

Someone’s got em tho.

Maybe you have them.

^But If You Go un-aired video^

I guess maybe if you think about a simultanousness, in both directions at the same time, that is in fact, only moving one direction? Maybe that’ll help. Maybe think of the blade(s) of a propeller on an aircraft? Or the blades inside of a jet engine? Ir maybe the blades on a ceiling fan? Once these blades reach a certain speed, or when viewed at certain angles at certain speeds? We can seem them change direction rapidly. Or at least…they appear to. And thinking about it now, and how one direction appears one direction from one direction…and yet that same direction appears to be one direction from another direction…I see the wheel within the wheel…that is really…the wheels within the wheel. Maybe a metaphor for balance and balancing contextually, but at the same time…something that is just as real as anything else. Which makes me think about light, and the many things that not only make it up, but also travel within and through the light.

Q: How much light is in dirt?

A: !!!

Dark matter. Does it matter how dark it is to dark matter when you can’t see it? Or when you can?

^sacrament 12 7 15 Lrg^

Can light bounce off of water? Does light bounce off of water? Is light energy…or light? What about when it’s dark?

Maybe…even light needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even heat needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even cold needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even a break needs a break now and then.

Maybe…even a brake needs a break now and then.

Q: What “forces” Nitrogen into and/or out of the bloodstream?

A: ???

Q: What does like seek?

A: According to Richard Bach..."like seeks like."

Sounds legit. 😉

Maybe Nitrogen seeks Nitrogen.

Especially under “extreme” and/or “unusual” circumstances.

Maybe all kinds of elements do this.

Maybe it’s how they “seek balance” in nature.

Al most as if to say…”y0! Something is outta wack here! Anyone out there like me that can help me figure this shit out?”

Just sayin.

Maybe it’s that way, or even similar, for all kinds of shit, in all kinds of ways.

Maybe that can help us to understand like and unlike.

I mean…how do you know, until, and when, and if, and unless…you do?

Never know until you try.

And even if you don’t try, you still know…right?

I mean…correct?




I dunno…I just work here.

^cEvin Key – Music For Cats^

I think I just invented “UI”…Uninformed Intelligence.




^Siouxsie And The Banshees – The Best Of (Full Album)^

I need to get outta here. Roob is gonna prolly hate me forever for writing all this shit and then dumping it on her to edit while she is busy trying to write her own shiznit for the next Underdog Anthology.

But…I guess we shall see, an all counts.

^Download – Sidewinder – Full Album^


^Legendary Pink Dots “9 Lives To Wonder” 1994 (Full album)^


*You know, Clicky, next time he probably make it, what, ten… eleven pages long…*

*Ha! Yeah, I wouldn’t be at all surprised…*

Missive From ‘Merica: Bowled Over… (C*nt.)

* Yesterday was 'Cont.' Today, Dear Reader, you can choose to replace with a, e, i or u. If you wanna /shrugs...

On International Wimmin’s Day, the LoL headline of the day…

*/sticks finger in ear…*

And news just in…

*I’ve been to Gozo…*

*That’s Gozer, Clicky… /rolls eyes…*

And Finally…

*Potassium Permanganate? Oxidizing tit rant… /O: No way!*

There follows the next installment of Cade’s Massive Missive…


If I’m listening to music, that was created and performed by someone on drugs…does that mean that I am on drugs via proxy? I’m just asking because, I listen to some weird-assed music, and I don’t take drugs, and I’m very weird. Or so I’m told. I guess I need to get around to dropping acid one of these days to see what all the hubbub is about.

Or I could just get drunk.

That would be my first preference.

But yeah…weird shit makes me feel normal. Like staring at a patch of cement and trying to find patterns. They’re there…you just gotta take the time to look for them. But…not everyone is into staring at shit, trying to find the impossible in the possible. Is that weird or what?

^cEvin Key – Full Circle^

When thinking about strings and stings in String Theory, um...

Q: Who says that the “strings” are always broken, and that the “stings” are broken strings?

A: ?¿?

I guess I’m trying to limit, so as to open, so that there are less limits. It seems to me, that the more that we omit from inclusion, while at the same as including for omission? I dunno, maybe there is something to be said about including via omission. Almost has a…Quantum Mechanics kinda…”ring” to it.

^Death in June – The Calling (Mk II) – 1985.wmv^

Q: If science is perspective based, why is it so exclusionary with respect to perspective(s)?

A: !¿?¿!

I was watching a video one day, that was supposed to be showing an alien craft rising up out of the water near a fishing boat out somewhere in the ocean, then zooming off a ludicrous speed. (No, it did not actually turn plaid) But anyway…it got me to thinking about light and matter, which…in this particular instance…got me to thinking about the concept of wormholes.

Q: What would be the safest and most efficient method of traveling space at any speed?

A: Relativistically.


If your craft needs to be huge…make it huge.

If your craft needs to be small…make it small.

Size becomes relative at this point.

EX: A grain of sand or rock or whatever, out in outer-space, that is traveling at 50k mph or more, is going to basically burn right through your vessel. So…what if your vessel was the same size as that grain of sand or rock?

Thinking about quantum mechanics, and how everything seems to be backwards on the micro & below scale(s)…wouldn’t there tend to be a erm…”projective type of interaction that, based on the laws of conservation of energy, would actually work within the laws of nature to prevent those two objects from colliding? Irrespective of speed(s)?

Maybe this is where Einstein was wrong, and at the same time, right…about a particle achieving infinite mass upon approaching the speed of light. Wouldn’t there be a kind of funneling and rippling there? Similar to what happens as an aircraft approaches “the sound barrier?”

I’ve long held, that if the sound barrier can be broken, so can “the speed of light.” That the speed of light is contextual…just like everything else.

Maybe this explains why commercial pilots don’t age in the same way that most humans do.

That there is layer upon layer, of the same ol shit…but it’s operating in different times, in different ways, for different reasons…all at the same time as everything else. But still, in their own time and times.

^The Prodigy – Narayan^

I got the idea about “less stingy stings on strings” after watching the image above.
Towards the center, below the event horizon, there are the loops/bands that expand rapidly and then “collapse back inwards.” So that got me to thinking about Kundalini and/or “Kundalini Energy”…and thinking….

“hrmmm…what if there was a twist there?”

“hrmmm…what if there was a twist there that kept twisting?”

I’m thinking this and these things, because I think that I see how time, contextually, can be so confusing.

When including time as the all in the all, everything else is omitted.


This would explain to me why carbon dating might be highly effective and reliable in some contexts, and yet reliability goes right out the fucking window in others. And not necessary application and purpose. But if you think in terms of application(s) and purpose(s)…maybe that’ll help.

Q: How does Carbon Based Carbon Dating, using Carbon from Earth/Terra, help us date rock on Mars?

A: ???¿¿¿

Similarness? Or sameness? Identically?

I mean…we’re from the same fucking Solar System right? What about those objects that are NOT from our solar system. Meaning, their origins are from elsewhere? Thinking about friction and magnetism, and swirling those around in “The Big Bang”…I see something quite entirely different than a single singularity that “started it all” from “everything, becomes nothing, becomes everything. I’m seeing…erm…all of those “sacred shapes” and “sacred symbols” and “sacred numbers”…and a whole lot more. My thoughts on crystalline shapes/structures using non-crystalline materials kinda helps me out there. But also those thoughts that I have had about “things coming together for very long periods of time.” The LHC…for example.

^The Prodigy – Voodoo People (Pendulum Remix)^

Not to change the subject, but yeah, I’m gonna change the subject.

Wait…wut wuz I talking aboot?

Women? No…that ain’t it.

BUT! I do need to remember to say Happy Birthday to someone on Monday.

But yeah…erm…something…I was talking about it.

Prolly nothing.

^Pendulum – Slam [HD – 320kbps]^

I guess I’m thinking about information and energy preservation, and how it works. Yeah sure…it works…that’s the best part. But if we are tinkering with that base, even if we are pretty goddamn sure how it works, and we are confident that “we can tap into it”…erm…quick question…

Q: Didn’t we just establish that we are already tapped into it?

A: !!!

Yeah…I’m an assole. A prick, even. But not a big one. Cause I have a mediocre sized penis. Must be my ego or something.


I’m lost again. I have no idea what I was talking about, or why, nor even to who.

I mean…you might be some official Japanese Ninja, with official Japanese Ninja Certification, just LOOKING for someone to piss you off so that you can bury a throwing star or two in their skull.

The Internet: A creepy place full of creepy creeps.

Anyone who thinks that prolly lives in a gated community.

^Melleefresh & Deadmau5 – Hey Baby (Original Mix)^


*Fuck! It was JennyBurger’s birthday yesterday… I forgot…*

*True, she won’t mind…*

Tune in tomorrow, Dear Reader, for even more of the Okie Devil’s weekend musings. But if you can’t wait, try this.

Tasting, Testing, One, Two… */taps mic…*


Whilst twittering with Hugo, he sent me a link to a story written by a Clemmie, about a dead girl called Ruth Turner, who talks to her celeb sibling via psychics…


‘Tis true, mediums may facilitate convos with her dear departed sis (15), but Physics warned Anthea (56) about her husband’s philandering with Zoe (27) a socialite…


Poor Anthea’s career trajectory had taken a sharp downward turn from the zenith of ‘TV Golden Girl’ after she sold out on her wedding day to a Snowflake.

The psychic story has already been updated once, and Physics remains, so it can’t possibly be a typo 😉


I received a missive from the Okie Devil that includes a famous physicist’s diagram. Had a bit trouble with Clicky… The lest said the better… But was also interested to hear Cade talk about ESP

Um…no. I am not saying that. You said that. That said, I don’t think that ESP is what most people think it is. I think that it is much more complicated, detailed and complex than simply…ESP. But then again, I see both the “scientific” and “religious” sides of such a concept, and I see much much more than one or the other.
EXAMPLE: Have you ever been outside on a nice day, irrespective of the weather type/conditions. and just been like…”HELL FUCKING YEAH!!! WHAT AN AWESOME PLANET!!!”?
To me, that is ESP as much as anything. It’s almost as if God/The gods/The Universe is asking you…
So…whadda ya think?” And then, give you a little wink…;-)
That feeling of being alive. NOT self-awareness…I’m talking about something else entirely. That feeling that NOTHING matters in this moment except the moment itself. Just you, and that moment, and all that came together over the history of histories, and over the time of times….just to make that one perfect moment for you. It’s almost as if God him or herself dropped by in that moment, just to say hi. No worries, no birth, no death, just…now.
Those moments last forever eh?
To me, that is just one form of what could be called ESP.
The Creator’s love is something that we tell ourselves we cannot understand.
But sometimes, we understand it just fine.
Fucking-A and Hells Bells and all that shit! Prayer is ESP if you ask me.
But no one is asking me.
Unless they are. 😉

*Oh yeah, Clicky, Clemmie’s short for Clementine… Someone specifically mentioned that name… /thinks… When was it, Sunday?*


*And Hugo just published his story about Nazi bunnies…*

*Well yeah, Clicky, most of the characters are rabbits… /raises hand and points… Don’t start…*

Later in the evening I posted a couple of knot-eyes over on Red Frank’s MEROVEE. Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, and a number of Italian politicians had been hacked by a ‘high-ranking Mason‘, and the breathless ‘news’ out of CNN and Buzzfeed that Donald Trump had procured himself some showers.


Blue Frank put up a new post that featuring not only a Mason playing a high-ranking Nazi, but also a Monty


Ah the Nazis, supreme coiners of the euphemisms like ‘Passivrauchen‘ (‘Secondhand Smoke’), you just can’t beat them… Quite literally it seems, as news of the growing menace of ‘Secondhand Sugars’ was announced to the world…

Meanwhile, a roller coaster at Warn Her Bros in Oz had broken down, stranding riders…

… Just as the Trump revelations looked to be turning into a secondhand hoax..


Dear Reader, make of  this as you will but I feel in need of a Song. Doo have one…