Fangs For The Mammaries…

This is going to be a post that requires you to employ your own ‘Clicky’, Dear Reader… It starts with a word

wolf (n.) Old English wulf “wolf, wolfish person, devil,” from Proto-Germanic *wulfaz (source also of Old Saxon wulf, Old Norse ulfr, Old Frisian, Dutch, Old High German, German wolf, Gothic wulfs), from PIE root *wlkwo- “wolf” (source also of Sanskrit vrkas, Avestan vehrka-; Albanian ul’k; Old Church Slavonic vluku; Russian volcica; Lithuanian vilkas “wolf;” Old Persian Varkana- “Hyrcania,” district southeast of the Caspian Sea, literally “wolf-land;” probably also Greek lykos, Latin lupus).

This manne can litle skyl … to saue himself harmlesse from the perilous accidentes of this world, keping ye wulf from the doore (as they cal it). [“The Institution of a Gentleman,” 1555]

Probably extinct in England from the end of the 15th century; in Scotland from the early 18th. Wolves as a symbol of lust are ancient, such as Roman slang lupa “whore,” literally “she-wolf” (preserved in Spanish loba, Italian lupa, French louve). The equation of “wolf” and “prostitute, sexually voracious female” persisted into 12c., but by Elizabethan times wolves had become primarily symbolic of male lust. The specific use of wolf for “sexually aggressive male” first recorded 1847; wolf-whistle attested by 1945, American English, at first associated with sailors. The image of a wolf in sheep’s skin is attested from c. 1400. See here for a discussion of “wolf” in Indo-European history. The wolf-spider so called for prowling and leaping on its prey rather than waiting in a web.

…Last night I posted about a certain ‘wolf‘ on MEROVEE

Merovee Twilight Sleep

Some background: last July, the Red Granite Hollywood production company was accused by the DOJ of using $100 million that prosecutors said had been diverted from the 1MDB fund to finance DiCaprio’s 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Last October, DiCaprio said he was cooperating with the probe and would return any gifts or donations if they were found to have come from questionable sources.


…And MJ put up two posts overnight at Blade and Chalice. She’s been to visit the Scopes Trial museum in Dayton, Tennessee:

There’s a specific message for Hugo in Part 2…

House of S-tone, please read this.

…Of course I’ve also had sum ideas about 137….


…So I was interested to read today that grocery stocks are crashing in the US and Europe…

Whole Foods stock was halted for ‘news pending’… and now we have the answer – Amazon to acquire Whole Foods Market for $42/share in an all-cash transaction valued at ~$13.7b, including Whole Foods Market’s net debt.

…Amazon is one of the FANGs…

A little bit of paranoia is always healthy.

In the 1980s, the totalitarian fear was that some overenthusiastic government agent would go to the library and pull your library card to see if you were reading seditious texts.

Seems a bit quaint now, doesn’t it?

It didn’t at the time.

Of course, the East German Stasi went to those lengths to spy on its citizens, but there was never any real danger of it happening in the US.

Fast forward to today.

  • Facebook knows who your friends, friends of friends, and acquaintances are. It knows what you look like, and what your friends and family look like. It knows what TV shows you watch, what music you listen to, and in all likelihood, your political activities.
  • Amazon is today’s library card—it knows every book you’ve ever ordered, along with more pedestrian purchases like vitamin supplements.
  • Netflix is a database of pretty much every TV show and movie you’ve ever watched.
  • Google has a repository of every Internet search made by every American citizen.

F, A, N, G. What does that spell?

Those four stocks have outperformed over just about any timespan.

Does anyone else find it more than a coincidence that they are also potentially the biggest threat to online privacy?

Like I said, that library card thing seems a bit quaint.

… Library card and groceries… Food for thought…

Also last night, I read Part 5 of a series at The Secret Sun, that seemingly started with a drowning in Wolf River Harbour…

I first began to follow this story when I heard about the drowning death of Jeff Buckley. I’m not sure why but the first thought that came into my head was that it had something to do with Elizabeth Fraser.
I had no idea that all of this had been prophesied for years and years before, in ways that actually give me chills.

The Secret Sun The Eyesies

That’s a lot of ‘Clicking’ and reading for you, Dear Reader, so I’ll finish up with a snapshot of Red Frank’s MEROVEE post…

Merovee Twilight Sleep The Long Way Round

… And a drawing I created to depict the process of construction logistics for my boss’s book, for the layman (‘Sun’ reader) to understand, showing how employing a logistician on a construction project ensures your mega costly building is achieved on time and budget… And the client at the top who Doo’s knot…

TIT at the top is the client going the long way round

… Alas he didn’t use it…

*Clicky! …/rolls eyes… That Song! …/huffs…*

Enough of this shambles, Dear Reader… Have another…



Missive From ‘Merica: The Experiment (Part 3)

The time is now 20.37 on Sunday 28th May 2017. Housework’s dun, cooking’s dun, Parts 1 and 2 are dun… Hears Part 3…


So you are prolly wondering what in the fuck a $5.00 pot of beans on a stovetop has to do with some multi-billion dollar particle accelerator…and…um…lolz…um…mine was cheaper?


I guess in Relativistic terms…yeah…they prolly cost about the same amount.

Meh...who cares.
^Peanut Butter Jelly Time with Lyrics!!!^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛



Just wondering how you can quantify one thing without taking others into consideration that are equally important in the facilitation of whatever action you are quantifying. You’ve already qualified it, now you are quantifying it, then…what? Aggregating the two?

Qualified + Quantified = Quantiqualified? Or Qualiquantified?

Or Quantiqualaqualaquantified?


Sounds...timey, with a dimensional aspect or 3.
^Zlad! – Elektronik Supersonik HD BEST QUALITY Remastered Sound^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛


Cade: Anything?
X: Nope.
Cade: K cool. Have a great weekend.
X: I ain’t going anywhere.
Cade: Me either.
X: 😐
Cade: lolz
X: …

^Hybrid – If I Survive^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Roob: Me either-either.



X: I’m gonna take that back…I do have something.
Cade: Do tell.
X: If I asked you a question…would you answer it?
Cade: I just did.
X: OK…so in theory, we have established a base of trust since you answered and answered honestly.
Cade: Fair enough.
X: What do you hope to achieve from all this?
Cade: As Roob so succinctly pointed out recently…it’s free.
X: Does that absolve you of responsibility?
Cade: Yeah right.
X: There was an allusion to this in that “Watchmen” movie you rewatched recently.
Cade: You are referring to the line “Free is just another word for Socialist.”
X: That’s the one.
Cade: But isn’t that politics? Will and wills operating in realms that they are either uncertain of, or uncertain about?
Z: Keep going…
Cade: So…we fall back on our tenets in the face of change.
X: Fall back?
Cade: Contextually, that would be the preferred nomenclature.
Z: Why is that?
Cade: I assume because free is scary in a number of ways. And “falling-back” requires the freedom to do so, the space to do so, and the area to fall back to. So…a strategic retreat.
X: Strings?
Cade: Sure. But we never stop to consider that “if an apple falls out of the sky when we hunger/are hungry” a need was met.
X: Fair enough.
Cade: Sorry, but there are certain futures that I can handle and certain futures that I cannot.
A: Care to be specific?
Cade: It’s easy to imagine the entire world and everything and everyone in flames. It is difficult to imagine my personal life in flames while the rest of the world spins on unaffected.
X: And yet…
Cade: Both are easy for me to imagine. The latter, in the above example, being the easiest to imagine.
0: Wait a moment here…you just contradicted yourself.
Cade: Not really…because I have no frame of reference with respect to both in one or the other context, when there are really 4 scenarios there…not two.
X: But when you boil it down?
Cade: Only one.
X: And which one is that?
Cade: Mine.
Z: In all contexts?
Cade: Something like that. What other frame of reference do I have?
X: Ooohhh…what ones do you have indeed.
Cade: Only the ones I care to entertain.
Z: And what about all the ones we throw at you that you don’t want to entertain?
Cade: I entertain them on their own merits as best I can. (Preferably, the less the better)
X: Kinda difficult operating in territory you are familiar with and comfortable with, eh?
Cade: Yep. A very comfortable discomfort.
X: …

You came loaded for bear to a fight with Godzilla. Yep…a strategic retreat might be in order, but that doesn’t change your intent nor intentions does it? Because you are gonna return with a bigger goddamn gun. Assuming that the strategic retreat itself works out.

If you want "free"...this is what it costs.
^The Music Of The Little Rascals^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Footnote: ET wouldn’t turn up like that because physical travel to another world in one lifetime is impossible. E=MC² dictates this reality, but its author Albrecht Einstein believed there was some kind of magnetism-related dimension able to overcome the illusion of separation and distance. As Einstein has yet to be proved wrong about anything, I’ve no desire to argue with the bloke dead or alive.


I’ve thought about this certain concept all week, but I figured I would spring something on Roob without her knowledge. I mean…this is supposed to be fun, and she ain’t been writing much, so let’s see how big of an asshole this makes me.

^Wax Trax (Black Box Vol.1) [16]. Ajax – Mind The Gap^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

Cade and Roob convo Sunday nightCade and Roob convo Sunday night 2


Been some damn interesting goings on this week.

Kindof a weird observation to make, considering I don’t read/watch/keep up with the news.

Meh…I trust the people that give me my news secondhand. Or thirdhand. Or whateverhand. News is a filtering process of information anyway. God knows how many people this “news” has been through already by the time it hits the headlines. And depending on where you get your news, god only knows how many headlines this headline went through to aggregate their own. Prolly why these news sources are getting so fucking “grabby” with respect to information. Data, and loads of it. Completely devoid of context outside of a singular event that somehow negotiated its way onto your radar. As if there is some hidden something there that will provide some hidden insight into why your personal radar operates the way it does.

WOAH!!! Hit ya with a twist there, eh? Since when is this story about YOU?!?!?!?


Q: When did you get involved with it?

A: I bet we can now gather all kinds of data and information about you, and bang out a nice psychological profile that details why you like what you like and do what you do.

Not that it’ll be right or anything.

But close enough is good enough…right?

^Azax – Magick (Official Video)^


Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛



K…well…it’s now 11:22 AM…and I guess I’ll spellcheck this and send it over.

Let's see how this goes.
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Roob: anything you wanna add here…feel free. (no pressure) 😛

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Well, there you are Dear Reader… and here I am, and over there somewhere… */pointlessly points…* is Cade. The time is 23:11 on Sunday 28th May 2017 and I hope your day has been as much fun as mine has…


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Missive From ‘Merica: Sum Weight ‘Ugo

Maybe it’s all just a big joke? Butt the silver screen is beginning to wear a bit thin, isn’t it?

That was the last line of a new post put up by Hugo at The Probe yesterday. A few days before that, TNT put up a post at The Lab, that had some focus on ‘Cooper’. And in between, Red Frank’s MEROVEE post featured…

So last night, there was an almighty fuck up at the Oscars, w(h)ere the wrong picture was announced winner of the Best Film statuette. ‘La La Land’ were given it, but it was meant for ‘Moonlight’…


Also last night, The Underdog posted about his battle with an intractable pelmet…



*Her palms don’t look fucking small to me, Clicky…*

Cade also sent me a missive last night, which the LoL presents for you, below. Can fewer words have more weight? You decide, Dear Reader… Catch you at the bottom…


Grabity has gone somewherz elses that is not here.

Q: I wonder where here will go now that grabity si gone?

A: ?¿?

Prolly somewherez elses. But that’s just a guess.

An uneducated guess…of course.


I guess that I’m wondering about temperature and temperatures. I’ve long held that friction is what makes The Universe go. Yes…in more ways than one. But cha gotta give a little to get a little. Or…you can give a little…then just…chill.

OH! And sorry to start off so rapidly and verbosely today.

I had an idea about temperature(s) with respect to matter(s) and energy/energies, and I don’t wanna forget it like I tend to forget about most shit that I think about. At least until I remember them. And some people are hung up on “pertinence”…so…let’s see if “temperature” is pertinent.

^Hybrid – Dogstar^

So…good day to you citizen(s).

How is the weather where you be is at?

What is the temperature where you is be at?


I think I spelled almost all of most of some of that correctly.


< 98.6°F <
> 98.6°F >
< 98.6°F >
> 98.6°F <
^Hybrid – Disappear Here (Official Video)^


A: I YAM. (not)

I mean…I wish I was hot. But I am not. So let’s continue to think in the vein and veins and realm and realms of temperature and temperatures. But in order to do so, we must be complete-ish in our thoughts and thinking. So…let’s just cut right to the chase and think…”birth to death.”

So yeah…engineering and design.

We’ll develop the idea(s) from there.

^Imagine Dragons – Radioactive^

So irrespective of whether you’ve read any of my previous bullshit, I’ll go ahead and repeat myself here about some thoughts that I have had with respect to things like brake pads, and the materials that they are made from. Afterall, these things are built to fail. That’s how they work. They are designed to wear out and wear off. Remove “the old ones” when they are no longer effective, and slap some new ones on…good as new. However, the primary question that I have posed is…

Q: Where does that shit that wears off…go?

A: ¿?¿

Yep. That may be a good plan for a while, but how long is that while when we are traversing uncharted territories?

And more than that, what about when those uncharted territories become charted? Common…even.



Are we keeping track of unacceptable when sailing the seas of the acceptable?

Afterall, these devices are made of and from materials whose primary purpose is to regulate and/or control and/or divert or reduce heat. Asbestos, carbon-fiber, ceramic(s)…all kinds of crazy whacked out shit, that some are trying to make more and more versatile and/or efficient.

So…when going from “particulate” to “particulate” over time, how well are we tracking this shit?

ARE we even tracking it?

Are we able to track it?

I bet someone is gonna have to at some point.

That's just a guess tho.
^The Thrillseekers – Synaesthesia [original] [1999] [epic trance]^

So I guess I need to bring up anti-freeze, windshield washer fluid, aircraft de-icing fluid(s) and shit like that since we are talking about temperature(s) and shit like that. Because some temperatures are hot, and some are cold. But first, let’s think about body temperature and the regulating of body temperatures with respect to….Asbestos. So…think “Mesothelioma”…since it’s a type of lung cancer that is caused by asbestos.

Q: Can lung tissue(s) properly regulate temperature when and where Asbestos or any other temperature resistant and/or temperature regulating particulate matter/material(s) exist?

A: !!!

Yeah…I’ll simplify that.

Q: Can your body properly regulate temperature when you have temperature regulating shit that isn’t supposed to be there…exists?

A: Yeah…at the cellular level, up and down. Meaning both size AND temperature.

I dunno. Seems to me maybe that…if a microscopic sliver of Asbestos exists in your lung or any other tissues, the cells might just have difficulty figuring out how to accurately perform cell division and or normal cell function.

Q: Ready to talk about Strontium now? Spall…even?


That’s what I thought.

Me either.

Let’s do it anyway.

^Moby – Bodyrock (Hybrid’s Bodyshock Remix)^

So in order to think about what I am thinking about with respect to Strontium and Spall in and around nuclear detonation(s) and/or nuclear reactions of the…erm…”acute variety”…since Strontium in these cases tends to head straight to the bone and stop…think about crystals and crystalline structures, salts, fats/oils…and…friction. Specifically…friction welding. Keep X-Rays and Gamma Rays on the brain while watching the following on friction welding…if you so choose to watch it.

^Ultimate car brake test video (Explosion!)^

Oh…I’m sorry. That was those crazy Finnish idiots over at Beyond The Press finding shit to tear up during the long boring winter.

“Nevermind the mosquitoes…”

Anyway…erm…here’s a video on friction welding if you are interested.

Oh, and I love the comment on the preceding video after the brake rotor/disk flies apart…

@06:46 into the video….”THIS WENT REALLY WELL!”

^Hypnotic Video Inside ¦¦ Welding movement ¦¦ Friction welding^
  • So why would Strontium “weld” itself to bone upon entering the human body?
  • Welp, ain’t there Calcium and Phosphorus and Nitrogen and Oxygen and shit like that in them there bones?
  • Ain’t there like Iron and shit like that in the blood/body? I mean, the body is under a lot of pressure and pressures right?
  • What about when a combination of Gamma and X-Rays blast through the body preceding the arrival of said Strontium?
  • Don’t we need to also think about Microwaves and radar and conductive materials and convection and temperature regulation(s) on all kinds of scales?
  • Especially depending on the origin and origins of “the nuclear fuel(s)” being used?
  • Especially when thinking about things like Cobalt and Steel?

I dunno. I’m a dumbass. Just…brainstorming.

^Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know? (Official Video)^

Thinking about spins and spalls, I just wonder how many times a particle may change direction, directions and spin(s) when in a “detectable” motion, and what about after that particle and or particles are no longer detectable by “detector A” and/or “detection method A”? Because now we are talking about “radiation”…which means a different type of spin and spins, that…within the human body…has just gotten even MORE dynamic due to the spins and flows and motion(s) within the human body and its materials/membranes. So thinking about THAT

Q: How well does the body regulate its temperature with radioactive materials inside of it?

A: “Hotspots?” … “Coldspots?” … “Isolated Spots…where the temperature can no longer be regulated properly?”



So…let’s talk about Teflon in the bloodstream.


Actually, I’m not gonna talk about Teflon. If you wanna look it up yourself…feel free. Look up lead cookware while you are at it. It appears that some of our ancestors used that shit to no ill effect. I mean yeah…they’re all dead…but we don’t know what killed them all. We can’t assume the lead cookware killed all of them.

^M83 – “Wait” (Official Video)^

I dunno. Maybe there are people everywhere that are already aware of and/or thinking about shit like this. But I do know this. I shouldn’t have to wait until I or someone else gets sick to find out that someone else was already aware of this shit. I mean…how much do you really need to know about weapons and weaponizing to know that it ain’t no fucking good.

I gots no answers. Only a few things that get me by when thinking about shit like this.

Time and times.

A purpose to every one.

^Capital Cities – Safe And Sound (Official Video)^

Olefin Fiber
Synthetic Fiber
EPDM Rubber
Thermal Conduction
Thermal Radiation
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Monatomic Gas
Bohr Radius
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Redirected from Teflon)
Thermoplastic Elastomer
Creep (Deformation)
Yield (Engineering) (Redirected from Yield strength)
Melting Point
Group C Nerve Fiber
Postganglionic Nerve Fibers

<nothing to see here...carry on>
^Glorious (Hybrid Mix)^

I guess I just never really see the body as something that is ever not in motion.

Rest? Sure.

Work? Sure.

But we are here…and we seem to be alive…and until that changes, I don’t see a need to panic or freak the fuck out.

Am I pissed? Sure.

I’m I hurting. Yep.

Do I care? I think so.

But some decisions, I don’t get to make do I?

Learning is always scary…always.

Because you cannot unlearn something that you have learned.

Yep. You can change it.

Augment it.

Rearrange it.

But that “something” that you originally learned will always be there.

Feel free to add all sorts of analogies there as to fading and dusty and whatever floats your boat. Knowledge sure scares the shit out of me. Especially that shit that I”m not sure what to do with. Most of the time, I keep it to myself and marvel at it from as pure of a “discovery” type of light as I can. But…there is always a pulse to that whatever it is. A reason as to why I needed to know that whatever. Even if that reason is simply…inspiration.

Q: I wonder how much “information” and/or “knowledge” weighs?

A: It weighs on me pretty heavily.

But…that’s just me.

/me shrugs

^The Glitch Mob – Fortune Days^

Bitwise Operation
Heat Fusion
Fusion Welding
The influence of sidewall cooling on boundary layer pressure fluctuations for a two-dimensional supersonic nozzle
Load Rejection
Bone Marrow
S. S. Minnow
Newton N. Minow
Fissile Material
Vitamin B12
Methylmalonyl-CoA Mutase

<nothing goes here...cept this>
^ – Scream & Shout ft. Britney Spears^

Travel Well.
Be Safe.

^The Smiths LIVE May 18, 1985 Nowhere Fast^




^Avicii – Wake Me Up (Official Video)^


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Epic Rap Battles of His Story


Thoughtful Man and eye prefer Deadpool over Bobs Fett at the movies. I have no idea if The Boys prefer one character over the other, although they are big Star Wars fans. Kit Kat especially. He’s like a fucking en-cyclops-edia when it comes to Star Wars or Pokemon. Ditto Loops on Destiny ore Call of Duty or Battlefront, witch ever one he is playing at the moment

Eye need help…

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