Have Sock, Will Travel

Little Sock is small and white … okay the sole is greyish but it had been worn by Little Boys … and is my travelling companion.  The story of how this came to pass is actually quite embarrassing …

*Nice job starting that in the right place, Clicky … you can carry on helping me tell the story …*

It happened a few years ago, one cold, dark winter’s morning …

Laden with old laptop (i.e. heavy) and handbag overstuffed with paperwork, I pulled my big coat close around me …

… and set off for town for an early morning meeting.  I did as other commuters do …



… and so didn’t notice the stowaway on my shoulder …

*I do not look like that, Clicky … okay, maybe during the train portion of the journey …*

From Here to There, Little Sock had a grand view of the journey, train, tube and trot through windy tunnels and frozen roads.  It must have looked like I’d taken a direct hit from a great height …

I only noticed when I shook my coat off at the other end and Little Sock floated to the floor … in front of the people I was meeting.  Apparently, Thoughtful Man had thoughtfully used my coat to dry Little Sock the night before … it was still damp after coming out of the washing machine.

*Rude …*

That would have just been an embarrassing story; however, it happened again less than a week later …

… Little Sock, it appears, had got a taste for travelling.  Not wanting to give the impression that I’m Bird Bird’s toilet again …

… I decided to give Little Sock a pride of place in my handbag.  That way it could travel with me everywhere …

*I’m just thankful it was Little Sock and not Little Boots …*

*Well, quite!*


3 thoughts on “Have Sock, Will Travel

  1. Only slightly O/T, but am I the only one to see the subject in the “Is that it?” image as a doleful-looking David Cameron in drag?

    Liked by 1 person

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